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May 14: Thank God for Parker Posey

By Jake Brennan
03:30 PM

Week two, day one and as of 6 a.m., today could only have been categorized as a SLOW news day. What did Geldoff say? I don't like what? Anyway, Boomtown Rats references aside, it was tough finding something of interest to write about this morning.

Thank God for Parker Posey and big, stupid, summer blockbusters. We love Parker and this song was almost exclusively about her, but we didn't want to upset Ryan Adams. He's got enough to whine about.

Yeah, Parker rocks. Wed rather see her up on the screen than most of the other big, blockbuster swill being peddled this summer. What is up with Hollywood? Its like this big, old, lumbering, giant waiter who keeps bringing the same dish to the table, only with more crap on it. And even though it still tastes bad, and even though the dish keeps getting more expensive, we keep swallowing it.

Another "Spider-man," another "Harry Potter?" Whatever. Who am I to judge? People continue to turn out in droves. "Spider-man" did another $60 million this weekend, a 60 percent drop from last week but still far more than its its closest competitor, "Weekend at Bernie's 8."

The Hollywood formula seems to be this: Rewrite, spend more, dumb down, cash in. Keith Richards better be in that new "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie.

See you tomorrow,

PS - Speaking of bigger and dumber, a big thanks to Ian Kennedy for the blockbuster guitar solo.

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