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May 7: See you in October, big boy

By Jake Brennan
08:37 AM

First off a quick hey and how are ya. I'm Jake Brennan and as you've probably read on the previous page I'll be writing and recording an original hard-core folk song a day, a song based on the news and ripped from the headlines here at Me and my cohorts here at Folk Hero Industries will produce an accompanying video and I'll be writing a daily blog that tells the tale behind the tape. Real time, baby. We aim to have the whole kit and caboodle wrapped up and posted by 3:30 p.m.

So here we go...

Today's song is titled "21 OVER 22." Obviously it's about Roger Clemens’ decision to once again ignore the Nation's pull on his heartstrings in favor of George Steinbrenner pulling on his purse strings. Pathetic.

He rationalizes that he's "...come back to do what they only know how to do here with the Yankees, and that's win a championship." Give me a break. As if the Yankees invented winning. If he really wanted to win he'd have suited up in a rotation next to Beckett, Schilling, and Matsuzaka. I think his real reason is that he feels that pinstripes are thinning.

And what about the high drama in the Bronx yesterday? What a diva. I wonder if he's used any of that prorated $28 million to hire Mariah Carey to carry his bags for him. Maybe he can get her number from Derek Jeter.

Sour grapes? Maybe. But we shouldn't be surprised. Since the Rocket left the Bean he's always followed the cash and why shouldn't he? I'll tell you why. Because coming here to finish his career would have been different. The season would have been a PERFECT ending to an amazing career and would have been worth more than whatever Georgie Porgie could fish out of his deep pockets.

I miss the old Clemens. The old #21. Lean and hungry to win. Maybe #22 is the same "Texas Con-Man" that Will McDonough warned us about.

This barely happens but I actually agree with most of what Dan Shaughnessy has to say in today's column "Rocket Lands With Yankees Again." (Everything but his obligatory jab at Schilling - give it a break, Dude).

So with that I take my cue from Mr. Zimmerman's great folk song about Catfish Hunter and give you "21 Over 22." Bring it on, #22. We're ready for you. We've got a young lefty on the mend with the heart of a lion. He's coming back from CANCER not some cushy Texas mansion. And in case you haven't noticed, our current #5, Julian Tavarez is loco, bro.

See you in October, big boy.

P.S. - Special thanks to the kids at Fenway High for co-starring in the video with me. Also, much appreciation to Ian Kennedy for the fleet-footed fiddle work.

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