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May 9: My duct tape prom queen

By Jake Brennan
04:00 PM

Day three of Pop-Ed. You know what that means? Neither do I. I do know that it's prom season and when I read's piece this morning entitled, "Prom is a wrap for pair garbed in duct tape" it made me laugh and think back to my awkward junior year at Clinton High.

First off, I hated the thought of the prom. So much pressure for a kid who only cared about how he was going to get Dan Carr's older brother to tell him more stories about Bon Scott's AC/DC from behind the counter of City Hall Music.

Second, my parents "made" me ask a date. So I did - and she stood me up.

Whatever. I was glad. I rode in the limo with my friends Dutch and Richie and while they soldiered into the unknown, to what Iím sure was an incredibly cheesy soundtrack, I hung in the limo and watched the Miss America contest with the burnout chauffeur.

My third thought was, this duct tape thing is brilliant - and these two kids rule (dig those shoes!). What a way to take the pressure off and to poke fun at the ridiculousness of "Prom." Plus, the dudeís suit kinda looks like the nudie suit that Gram Parsons is wearing on the Flying Burrito Brothers album cover. And as far as "cool" goes, you canít beat that cover.

So I imagined myself at the big dance with "My Duct Tape Prom Queen." Figured we'd go light today with the subject matter given yesterday's song. Word.
- Jake

PS - Special thanks to Steph for her pre-office job/prom makeover. I owe you one (like always). Apologies to everyone at Narraguagus High. I know I butchered the pronunciation. Sorry.

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