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Local artist Jake Brennan tells the stories featured on through his eyes in Pop-Ed. Read his blog to discover what he sang about - and why.


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May 8: 456 billion reasons to write a second blog

By Jake Brennan
04:00 PM

It's day two of reporting from the blogosphere (Camp St. Studios in Cambridge to be precise). At 6 AM this morning, when I started this process it appeared to be a slow news day. Lesson learned: A lot can happen in 6 hours.

What started as a slow news day led me to write a song about the article "What does $456 billion buy?" Since then the Amy Winehouse review went up and Paris Hilton rehired John Lennonís old pal, Elliot Mintz for some much needed damage control.

Hopefully these stories stay in the news because Iíd love to write about either of them tomorrow. Woody Guthrie wrote about Ingrid Bergman so why canít I write about Amy Winehouse? Who knows, maybe Scarlett Johansson will do something news worthy.

Anyway, on to the song in hand. As I said above, itís about the $456 billion price tag attached to the war. Thatís the consensus amount being bandied about in Washington. How to apply it - the when and the how - well, people with much bigger cuff-links and far more frequent flyer miles than I have are sorting that one out as we speak. Whatever... the divide over the war in Washington is far less interesting to me than the question posed in the piece: Other than the war, what else would $456 billion buy?

I tried answering it in todayís song, ďFOUR HUNDRED FIFTY SIX BILLION REASONS TO...Ē

See you tomorrow,

PS - a special thanks to all the Clinton and Central MA kids for checking out PopEd and big ups to Adam Taylor over at Camp St. for the pre-caffeine production. This, as always, has been a Folk Hero Industries production.

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