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May 16: Oh no, Anna Nicole

By Jake Brennan
04:00 PM

I know that I shouldnít act surprised but the truth of the matter is that I really am. I canít believe that people are still writing about Anna Nicole Smith. That can mean only one thing: that people are still interested in reading about Anna Nicole Smith. WHY???

I can honestly say that until this morning I hadnít read one word about her death. Still, that doesnít mean that Iím ignorant on the subject. Youíd have to live in a shoe to not at least know that skeleton of the story, but come on... Let it go. Let her rest. Even post-mortem, and months after the fact, the peoplesí interest in her is still palpable. Some German businessman bought two of her diaries for $500,000. Are you kidding me? Again, WHY???

At this point, the only thing less interesting than Anna Nicole Smith is what Britney Spears isnít wearing in public these days. The story is ridiculous, as is the pressí undying infatuation with this talentless, dead, past her prime, supermodel. Writing to cue, we cooked up an equally ridiculous song and video. I guess that my role in the video is that of the press or something. Iím not sure. I think we may have gone too far with this one.

Iím going to blame Evan. See you tomorrow.

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