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Local artist Jake Brennan tells the stories featured on through his eyes in Pop-Ed. Read his blog to discover what he sang about - and why.


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May 18: The latest lyrics

By Jake Brennan
04:00 PM

Goodbye So Long

Welcome to our final installment of Pop-Ed on Because we are now officially out of the job we are on the "internets" sprucing up our resume for the job opening as Tom Finneran's co-host on WRKO.

As it stands, our competition is that turkey, loudmouth, Don Imus's coatholder, Bernie McGuirk.

Guys, what qualifications do we have?

Oh no, it's the ghost of Don Imus!

Whoa, I'm the ghost of Don Imus. Oooh .... aren't I scary. I hear you're contemplating a career in radio. Well, let me tell you, the business is dead. You guys have as much chance at getting this job as I do at starring in Lethal Weapon 5 with Al Sharpton.

Well, we got it in the bag because Jake is so eloquent, articulate and well spoken.

We'd like to thank everyone for watching on Pop-Ed.

Goodbye So Long

Read the story behind the song:
WRKO to audition Imus's ousted cohort

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