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Local artist Jake Brennan tells the stories featured on through his eyes in Pop-Ed. Read his blog to discover what he sang about - and why.


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May 10: Doing wrong is what I do right

By Jake Brennan
04:00 PM


bench warrants, prayer cards, and glass shards
and a lifelong love affair with the orchestral arts
i was there when the rite of spring blew everybodyís mind
because doing wrong is what i do right

i took a ten year sabbatical from juilliard
and my movements were all panned by the critics at large
my nerves are shot and just like wolfgang, my temper's always on the rise
and doing wrong is what i do right

iíve held balcony seats for eternity in this sacred hall
now a symphony of youth - theyíre tryin to ruin it all
tell ben folds that i said, "he oughta take five"
because doing wrong is what i do right

i ain't no good at being good
not like handel, messiah, humperdink and mendelssohn
donít wanna waste my season tickets on no ben folds jive
because doing wrong is what i do right

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