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May 17: Dick Albert vs. Neil Young

By Jake Brennan
04:00 PM

Todayís song is about the weather. So what? Some of us are actually interested in the weather. Some of us are a little tense when it comes to the weather. Some of us get WAY too worked up when the slightest hint of a storm approaches. What happened to us? Arenít we supposed to be New Englanders?

I guess I understand the hysteria when there is an impending snowstorm but yesterday it was just... raining. And yeah, there was some thunder , some lightning, but if you watched the news or headed out onto any of the major roads during rush hour youíd of thunk Auntie Auntie Em was searching for a basement somewhere in the 617 area code.

So this morning I woke up, logged onto and went straight for the weather page. Thatís when I realized that weather forecasts are almost lyrical, poetic... dare I say psychedelic? After all, isnít there a storm always on the horizon? Isnít the news just one big forecast? From the outcome in Iraq to the annual June swoon of the Red Sox to Cadillac Patís next political gaffe. Arenít we always on the lookout for whatís just around the corner?

Like the best Neil Young lyrics, there are universal truths buried deep within each forecast. Dick Albert is one heavy cat.

Far out,

PS - Thanks to Bill Walton for the fashion advice this morning.

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