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Pop-ed: Original music based on what's on
Local musician Jake Brennan and video director Evan Kenney
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Jake Brennan is proud to present "Pop-Ed," a daily original song and accompanying video written and performed by local musician Jake Brennan, focusing on news and events that take place that day. Jake will find news of interest in the morning and then start writing. Later in the afternoon, you can find his song on this page. Think of it as an op-ed with a new twist. While you're here, read Jake's blog, and check out previous Pop-Ed songs and videos. And be sure to tune into 92.9 WBOS each weeknight during the 9 p.m. hour to hear Jake's Pop-Ed song.

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From Jake's Blog

05/07/07, 8:40 AM

21 OVER 22 back in 84 number 21 soared (but now hes just number 22) two twenty K games and three Cy Young awards (but now hes just number 22) number 21 never bowed to no one but now hes the Boss boy for 28 million like jilted lovers were licking our wounds say hey, so long, see you soon 22 a hundred and ninety-two wins for number 21 (but now hes just number 22) and just one more win... ...< more >
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