The Best CDs of 2007


Best CDs of 2007
If 2006 was the year of do-it-yourself fandom - when music lovers embraced the opportunity to discover, share, and occasionally buy songs they liked rather than albums the suits tried to sell - 2007 was the year consumers unequivocally, undeniably, irrevocably took the reins.
Globe critics' top picks
Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

Sarah Rodman

This pop music critic's list includes Robert Plant and Alison Krauss's "Raising Sand." What other CDs made Rodman's list?
Rodman talks about her picks:
Carla Bruni

Christopher Muther

This fashion writer's list includes Carla Bruni's "No Promises."
Check out Muther's other picks here.
Muther talks about his picks:
Lorraine Hunt Lieberson

Jeremy Eichler

This classical music critic's list includes Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, Roger Vignoles, pianist; Wigmore Hall Live. But that's not all.
Eichler talks about his picks:
Siddhartha Mitter

Siddhartha Mitter

This critic has narrowed down a list of 10 world music picks. Erol Josué's "Régleman" is just one of his choices. Read about the others here.
Mitter talks about his picks:
Kanye West

James Reed

Are you a fan of Kanye West's "Graduation"? It's made this music editor's list of picks along with a few others.
Reed talks about his picks:
Michael Brecker

Steve Greenlee

If you're a jazz fan, check out Greenlee's picks. Michael Brecker's "Pilgrimage" is just one pick on this critic's list.
Greenlee talks about his picks:
Betty Davis

Jonathan Perry

Betty Davis's "Betty Davis" and "They Say I'm Different" make this critic's top 10 list. Find out why, and check out Perry's other picks here.
Perry talks about his picks:
Uncle Earl

Scott Alarik

Uncle Earl's "Waterloo, Tennessee" has made Alarik's list along with Robert Plant and Alison Krauss's "Raising Sand" and a few others.
Alarik talks about his picks:

Joan Anderman

This pop music critic has included Bruce Springsteen's "Magic" on her top 10 list. "'Magic' glows," she writes.

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