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Send us photos and video of the concert, including pictures of you and your friends at Fenway Park in Boston on Aug. 14.
Aerosmith and the J. Geils band performed.

Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith, performed at Fenway Park in Boston on Aug. 14. (Matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff ) Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith, performed at Fenway Park in Boston on Aug. 14.


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Steven Tyler

Boston's bad boys are back in town

After 40 years, 17 albums, multiple trips to rehab, and countless appearances in the tabloids, Aerosmith is ready to rock Fenway.

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Tweets from the show

Tweets from the show

Globe Names writers Meredith Goldstein and Mark Shanahan tweeted live from the Aerosmith/J. Geils concert on Aug. 14 at Fenway Park.
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