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10 to watch: Hot local music 2005
The Globe's critics set out this year to find a collection of bands poised to break out of the local music scene and into the national spotlight. Here are 10 homegrown acts to watch in 2005.
The Information
(Globe Staff Photo / Dina Rudick)

Pop-up The Information

When singer and songwriter Max Fresen moved to Boston from Tallahassee four years ago, he left behind his shoe-gazer band and any hope that he would ever make money making music.
Smoke Bulga
(Globe Staff Photo / Dina Rudick)

Pop-up Smoke Bulga

Growing up in the South End, Smoke Bulga fell in love with hip-hop during the 1980s, with rappers like Run-DMC, Big Daddy Kane, and Rakim.
Willy Mason
(Globe Staff Photo / Jonathan Wiggs)

Pop-up Willy Mason

Martha's Vineyard native Willy Mason is living proof that even if there are only four people in the audience, it's a good idea to give it your all.
Lock and Key
(Globe Staff Photo / Dina Rudick)

Pop-up Lock and Key

Lock and Key can dish the intensity, but this rampaging act also has a heady dash of hope in its music.
(Globe Staff Photo / Dina Rudick)

Pop-up Mittens

Who thought Phoenix was a crucible of comedic rock? Arizona is where two-thirds of Mittens -- Andy Brooks and Tom Novotny -- grew up before Brooks came out to attend BU.
The Perceptionists
(Globe Staff Photo / Dominic Chavez)

Pop-up The Perceptionists

When it was announced that Mr. Lif, Akrobatik, and DJ Fakts One were putting their solo careers on hold to form the Perceptionists, the question wasn't why as much as why did it take so long.
Andrea Gillis
(Globe Staff Photo / Dina Rudick)

Pop-up Andrea Gillis

Don't expect a shy, retiring night of music from South Boston native Andrea Gillis. "I like to get up there and sing from the gut and scream" she says.
Dear Leader
(Globe Staff Photo / Dina Rudick)

Pop-up Dear Leader

The guitar-driven Dear Leader is reaping sudden attention -- much to the amusement of singer-guitarist Aaron Perrino.
(Globe Staff Photo / Dina Rudick)

Pop-up Averi

Averi made the savvy move of forming while its core members lived in a 300-person dorm at Suffolk University.
Dre Robinson
(Globe Staff Photo / John Tlumacki)

Pop-up Dre Robinson

Dre Robinson likes to say he's been "grinding in the game" as a rapper since the mid-1990s, but he regards himself first as a songwriter.
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