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4 Decades, 4 Acts,
1 Week
Four local music acts breathe life into pop from decades past.

Freezepop -- 1980s: If the Human League had a sense of humor, it would have been Freezepop."I think our style is influenced by the '80s only in the very narrow area of the '80s being influenced by the '60s, being influenced by 2050," explains Freezepop singer Liz Enthusiasm. "It's that whole space-age minimal thing." Freezepop's music is also space-age minimal. All the band's tunes are programmed on a Yamaha QY70 hand-held synthesizer by technical mastermind the Duke of Pannekoeken. Lyrically, the band's music touches on both the vital aspects of a retro-futuristic existence ("Science Genius Girl") and the styles of the 1980s ("Chess King"). There's even a paean to Tracy Gold, perhaps the best tech-pop song ever written about the anorexic "Growing Pains" star.

Performing Aug. 19 at 7 p.m. at New Alliance Audio Productions, 1312 Boylston St., Boston. (Show is limited to 40 people; RSVP required. See Also Sept. 21 at 9 p.m. at Lyons Hall at Boston College.

(Andrea Fischman / Globe Photo)
(Text by Christopher Muther / Globe Staff)
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