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Team's work pays off


The Go! Team

Proof of Youth
(Memphis Industries/Sub Pop)
Essential: "Titanic Vandalism"

The Go! Team, which was founded in a kitchen in Brighton, England, occupies a very specific niche in the pop universe. Its music is all punch and no buildup, all payoff and no filler - a pep rally for indie kids, set above a snarl of instrumental loops. In 2004, the band scored big back home with its debut, but it took another year for the disc to land in the US; one of the problems was getting legal clearance for the album's many samples. The typical Go! Team track features snippets of yard-sale funk, hip-hop, punk, disco, and children's music, stretched like Laffy Taffy across an ascending major-key vamp. On "Proof of Youth," the samples are made-to-order - Chuck D chips in on "Flashlight Fight," and Brazilian artist Marina Vello shows up on the riotous "Titanic Vandalism." Precious else has changed. Chants and handclaps figure big, as does the '50s-R&B swing of songs like "Doing It Right." And Ninja, the Go! Team's indefatigable MC, is still at the center of the storm, barking, stomping, and spoiling for a fight. [Matthew Shaer]

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