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Once was lost, but now it's found


The Sea and Cake

(Thrill Jockey)
Essential: "Lightning"

With "Everybody," the Sea and Cake has set voyage on its latest aural treat with a shift from lo-fi wandering jams to hi-fi grounded rock. In the four years since the Chicago band's last album, "One Bedroom, " members each dabbled in solo outings and side projects. The time away seemed to do the trick, creating a fire that ignites the dreamy guitars and vigorous beats that propel "Everybody." Singer-guitarist Sam Prekop's mellow vocals complement John McEntire's propulsive drumming while intertwining Archer Prewitt's playful guitar and Eric Claridge's bass rhythms for an organic indie-pop evolution. Opener "Up on Crutches" is the Sea and Cake at its best contemplative lyrics and strong rock roots. They take prime garage rock and global beats from past works and flirtatiously commingle them to craft a gossamer rock - steady creation. [Michael Williams]

The Sea and Cake performs at the Paradise Rock Club tonight with Loney, Dear and the Zincs.