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And the stars aligned


The Bravery

The Sun and the Moon
Essential: "Time Won't Let Me Go"

Clever lads, the Bravery. To represent the title of the new "The Sun and the Moon," they made half the album jacket one color (gold for the sun) and the other half another (blue for the moon). Fortunately, the music isn’t as fractured. In fact, it’s another major step forward for the New York-based band. The boys keep the best of their ’80s-style, new wave rock sound but add more classic guitar rock touches under famed producer Brendan O’Brien. Singer Sam Endicott still sounds like a cross between Ray Davies of the Kinks and an earnest Morrissey. Many of the songs carry an increased seriousness but they're framed by irresistible melodies that turn Endicott’s soulsearching into compelling dance rock. The Bravery is still throwing a party, but it’s a thinking-man's party. This easily ranks among the top rock records of the year. [Steve Morse]

The Bravery performs June 6 at the Lansdowne Street Block Party honoring WFNX's Best Music Poll.