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Music Is My Savior
Essential: "This Is Why I'm Hot"

Mims is one smart MC. He’s been ubiquitous thanks to the blockbuster ‘‘This Is Why I’m Hot.’’ He’s on top because he makes sure that his music appeals to the widest demographic possible. The New York rapper references Biggie Smalls as an idol to keep the East Coast cred, but throughout this fluid, likable disc, he sounds like he cut his teeth on the Houston hip-hop scene while maintaining the melodic songsavvy flavor of the Midwest rap game. Mims slows down his flow and elongates his syllables like his Southern peers over deep bass lines and swaths of synth, and sometimes you expect him to break out in a drawl. So he’s hot because he’s unafraid to cross boundaries and roll with whatever style is going to bring the women and money. The songs make clear that music may be his savior, but money is his lord. He cites MCs like Tupac, but danger isn’t Mims’ game. It’s playing it safe and turning out extremely catchy tunes like his smashing single or ‘‘Without You,’’ with its soaring female vocal hook, and ‘‘Superman,’’ in which Mims shamelessly claims to be ‘‘fly’’ like the Man of Steel. [Ken Capobianco]