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Nina Sky: Nina Sky

Pop rule numero uno is that teeny-bopper groups come and go. But talented singers do not -- and that's what sets the newly arrived Nina Sky, a teenage singing duo from Queens, New York, apart. These identical twin sisters blow with the soul and force of women well beyond their years (the pair are only 18), a fact on full display in their reminiscence over a passed lover, "Surely Missed." These ladies are not a manufactured, record-label creation -- they got their deal by writing a song to the "Coolie Dance" dancehall beat that their hit song "Move Ya Body" borrows from; and they share writing credits on every track on the album. Incorporating several uptempo Jamaican dancehall or ragga beats on their debut was one of the pair's smarter moves--many of the biggest pop songs of recent years have tipped their hat to the island's musical influences. Although "Nina Sky" isn't overwhelmingly great from beginning to end, it is consistently enjoyable, with a handful of songs, including "You Deserve" and "Turning Me On," that could easily get the heavy airplay that "Body" already is. What's more, the young ladies whom this album targets will identify with the frustrated lover and angst-ridden lover interludes that are included in deference to R&B album conventions. If you're in the teen market or just can't accept being over-the-hill by music industry standards at, jeez, 27 -- this album is worth your time.

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