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MTX: Yesterday Rules

For years the Mr. T Experience has been among power pop's greatest secrets. Driven by lead singer/guitarist Dr. Frank, the band has been combining smart lyrics with contagiously catchy hooks since 1986. "Yesterday Rules" finds the band embracing the melancholy of their past while streamlining their name (now simply MTX) for the future. Once again the band delivers, be it the smart dissection of classic rock lyrics that is "She's Not a Flower" or the swinging mod beat of "The Boyfriend Box." What is particularly noteworthy on this release is Dr. Frank's delivery of lilting and lovely acoustic-driven laments. "Big, Strange, Beautiful Hammer" recalls the sad sentiments of the Kinks and the sweet melody almost obscures the song's darker lyrical imagery, while "London" follows a similarly melodious track to heartache. MTX still confidently tosses around brawny guitar riffs, but it remains witty songwriting such as the references to both Woody Allen and Noam Chomsky on "Institutionalized Misogyny" that separates MTX from the power pop pack.

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