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Lounge axe drops on Somerville @ Radio - 11/29

Posted by Jonathan Donaldson November 29, 2012 12:42 PM

I might not have a 740AM tattoo, but I l do love lounge music. In fact, it's one of those things like being a Yankees fan or a vegetarian that I imagine would be sometimes hard to explain. Things that I like about being a fan of lounge music though are easy to list. For one, I have my pick of the litter at the Goodwill. Also, at record fairs, I can make a b-line for the Bacharach, Chris Montez, Doris Day and Anita Kerr records without having to bump elbows with other grubby collectors. The fact is, nobody wants this stuff. Lounge music is the punchline of every musical joke, the easiest genre to parody, even perhaps when you think about, the last line of parodying that anyone can cross. After all, what lends itself to that dreaded apparition of a 'medley' better than a baby grand and a shimmery dress?


Lounge is easy to bully because it's just like that geeky guy with the glasses at the piano-- clear, nuanced, vulnerable, fun, sexy...well, all these things. But, it's also one of the all-time great musical genres for lovers of pure music.

Tonight, Rock 'n' Roll Rumble maven and WZLX DJ Anngelle Wood will be fulfilling a long-held dream by launching Lounge Act, a series of lounge inspired music from local Boston bands, at Somerville's Radio. Tonight's show will feature Ruby Rose Fox, SPF 5000 and Goddamn Glenn and the Parlour Bells Players. I asked each of these parties what THEY think of when they think of lounge music. Here is what they had to say.


Parks and Broken Toys- new tracks in the Inbounds Sounds playground (exclusive!)

Posted by Jonathan Donaldson November 20, 2012 02:50 PM

WalterSickertandtheArmyofBrokenToys_PhotoByHansWendland.jpgI'm not sure which of these statements is true. 1. These days musicians have to be everything to get noticed. 2. These days musicians are everything. 3.These days musicians have to get noticed. Sometimes being involved in the press link makes me a little confused on this point. In the end it doesn't matter who you are. You're all going into the great cosmic shuffle of my jukebox where there you will stay.


Two bands that will be pushing a new hook when they drop their new records this year are Parks and Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys. Parks is the new band from Oranjuly's Brian King, who aside from adopting a new sound (less retro, more 'now') has retired Oranjuly and has a new band with former members of the Motion Sick (Matt Girard), Stu Dietz (This Blue Heaven) and Brian Fitch (Spirit Kid). For the Army of Broken Toys, it's a grand new concept album titled Soft Time Traveler (love that title) which they plan to turn into a multi-media affair and hopefully a fabulous tour (investigate their Kickstarter here).


Instant music scene – Boston Music Awards preview tonight @ Red Star Union – 11/13

Posted by Jonathan Donaldson November 13, 2012 01:09 PM

For anyone looking to get themselves inebriated and/or acquainted with the Boston Music scene on short notice, now is your big chance.

Tonight, Red Star Union in Cambridge’s Kendall Square will present a preview to the 25th annual Boston Music Awards (to be held December 2nd at the Liberty Hotel) featuring performances from New Artist of the Year nominee Fat Creeps, Metal/Hardcore Artist of the Year nominee Mellow Bravo, and Electronic Artist of the Year nominee Bearstronaut.


Muy Cansado and Naked On Roller Skates - steel cage match @ the Middle East - 11/9

Posted by Jonathan Donaldson November 9, 2012 02:57 PM

Tonight, two Boston Bands share a dual record release bill at the Middle East Upstairs. And while two will enter, only one will leave. While Mean Gene Okerlund couldn't be reached for his ring-side commentary for what will surely be a steel cage match of rock and wits, Inbound Sounds is doing our best here to interview the contestants and see what kind of smack they have to talk. venturaadonismeangene.jpg

In the red corner, you've got gentle indie country kids Muy Cansado who are releasing their latest full-length, Let It Go. In the blue corner, you've got fist-pumpers Naked On Roller Skates with their new Songs from a Wooden Box EP. I asked Muy Cansado's Chris Mulvey and Naked On Roller Skates' Travis Richter to face off and talk a little smack before tonight's show.


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Jonathan Donaldson is a Boston-based musician, writer, and second-generation music junkie. An Ohio native who moved to Boston in 1998, Jonathan's musical loves include R&B, psych, punk, bubblegum, country, electronic, More »

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