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One Night Band - the best day in the life of a band @ the Middle East - 9/8

Posted by Jonathan Donaldson  August 17, 2012 02:35 PM

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One of the biggest music fêtes of the year is coming up, namely the 4th annual installment of One Night Band. For those who are unfamiliar with this event, it's coordinated by Boston Band Crush founder Ashley Willard as somewhat of a key party for Boston musicians. home3.pngRead my review of last year's event here. This year's event contains forty or so musicians from many of Boston's varied scenes. These musicians will find out the day of the event (Saturday, Sept. 8 at the Middle East Downstairs) who their bandmates are and will have only the rest of the day to come up with a few songs for the show. I put my own virtual one night band together of four of the participants: Aaron Perrino (Dear Leader), Candace Clement (Bunny's A Swine), Mariam Saleh (Fat Creeps) and Reuben Bettsak (Guillermo Sexo). Let's hear how they fared against some fierce questions!

Inbound Sounds: So, what is the shortest band you ever played in?

Candace Clement: Like height wise?

Inbound Sounds: OK, so one else can use the height joke.

Candace Clement: 24 hours. It was called Nice Face. We released an EP, too.

Reuben Bettsak: The shortest band I was in was a concept band with Candace and Aaron called Mango Fuzzface. We never actually played a show or rehearsed. Well...the real shortest band was called Afterdeath. It was a high school band. We sucked. Broke up after one show. We didn't know how to play our instruments. Maybe we were brilliant--hard to tell.

Mariam Saleh: The shortest band I was in was called Convertible Hearse. Even though we were only around for a few months we were the best band in Boston!

Inbound Sounds: How do you feel about being in a band that is basically being forced to break-up at 1AM on Sunday Sept 9?

Aaron Perrino: I am just psyched to meet some new people. Maybe it would spawn actual collaboration later?

Candace Clement: It's great. Limits are good for creativity. I look forward to cramming the whole life cycle of a band into 24 hours. Ok so maybe not the whole band life cycle. We probably won't go on tour in 24 hours. But I'm down to try it.

Inbound Sounds: how would you feel if there was someone in One Night Band named Jessie Horowitz, and they insisted in all seriousness that the band be called The Jessie Horowitz band?

Mariam Saleh: I would say, forget you Jessie. Unless he/she looked like Marc Bolan.

Inbound Sounds: Let's say you are about to sing a line, and just as you sing it, Jessie mic checks you and sings "SHA LA LA LA" really loudly. How do you respond?

Mariam Saleh: I'd stick my entire leg up his/hers butt!

Candace Clement: Who is Jessie? Does he need some attention? It sounds like you aren't giving him enough attention. EVERYBODY LOOK AT JESSIE!

Inbound Sounds: Is that an internal psychodrama, or would you stop the song and say that? "EVERYBODY LOOK AT JESSIE"

Candace Clement: I might sing it.

Inbound Sounds: If there was a one-night band in heaven of all dead rock stars, what would be the WORST band you could assemble.

Aaron Perrino: Liberace, Sid Vicious, Linda McCartney, and me on drum machine.
New Order II Electric Boogaloo. I'd laugh uncomfortably and then sabotage the band by playing white funk guitar.

Reuben Bettsak: Wesley Willis , GG Allin, Milli or Vanilli whichever one died.

Aaron Perrino: Dang, that's crazy. Milli Vanilli and GG allin would be insane.

Candace Clement: That question is hard. I bet that any combo would find some way to be amazing. Dead people: look every combo I start to come up with sounds amazing to me. Michael Jackson and Jeff Buckley? Amazing. Elliot Smith, Whitney Houston and Freddie Mercury? I wish!

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Jonathan Donaldson is a Boston-based musician, writer, and second-generation music junkie. An Ohio native who moved to Boston in 1998, Jonathan's musical loves include R&B, psych, punk, bubblegum, country, electronic, More »

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