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Play all the good bands or die trying - Dirty Virgins (7/24) and Stereo Telescope (7/25) @ Great Scott

Posted by Jonathan Donaldson July 24, 2012 03:31 PM

When WFNX announced their sale a couple months back, a lot of dialogue was kicked up regarding the state of the Boston scene (see my article from the Boston Metro) The verdict seems to be that the scene is pretty damn healthy--healthier than ever maybe--and that while it stinks to lose a local radio station to Clearchannel, there is plenty to celebrate in the dedicated organizers, producers, DJs, writers, musicians, venues, etc, that will continue to use their creativity and will to make it all happen.

So when WFNX Boston Accents' DJ Michael Marotta (also my writing colleague when I contribute at the Boston Phoenix) found out about the loss of the station, he put together three massive bills at Great Scott to celebrate everything that he worked for on the air--namely bringing together many of the great Boston scenes--roots, punk, electronic, indie, psych, etc, into one forum where everyone is judged according to their individual merits. Last night saw Viva Viva, RIBS, Earthquake Party and Fat Creeps making varied musical chalk drawings all over the Great Scott stage. Tonight will feature a rocking bill with Mean Creek, Mellow Bravo, Soccer Mom, and Dirty Virgins. Tomorrow is more of a synth-pop theme with Gentleman Hall, Black Light Dinner Party, Bearstronaut, and Stereo Telescope holding down the fort. Each of these bills is like a Rumble final in and of itself, and if it they aren't sold out already, get thee in!


Boy from the North country - Chris North @ the Aviary - 7/21

Posted by Jonathan Donaldson July 21, 2012 11:02 AM

For a little bit of magic tonight I am going to head down to The Aviary in Jamaica Plain for an all-ages show featuring Chris North, a New England songwriter celebrating the release of his new EP, Near Far All We Are. North mixes in gentle, dignified ballads with a couple of cool remixes--including a nifty kaleidoscopic trancy collage by Many Mansions ("I Gave Life To Love").



Satellite of Love - New London's Suicide Dolls make Boston a second home - @ O'Briens - 7/20

Posted by Jonathan Donaldson July 20, 2012 06:39 AM

Although it's just a 2 hour drive, New London, CT is far enough to be just that. Far. It is however a place where my dad was stationed in the Navy on the USS Fulton during the late '60s/early '70s, and the place where my parents got married. So it will always be a little dear to me. Here is my chat with Brian James Albano of the Suicide Dolls who play in Boston as regularly as a Boston band and call this their satellite home. Or as Albano (not Captain Lou) says: "Boston is great. The music scene and communtiy has a real life and energy to it. It's like finding that girl you are ready to settle down with."

Their current line-up of Albano on guitar, Michelle Montavon on bass and Matt Covey on drums has been together since 2006. Read on to hear Albano's life philosophy, to hear him make up words and to hear him dish on the Suicide Dolls' maximum rock & roll.

USS Fulton 2.jpg


Inbound Sounds Goes Outbound - High Aura'd @ O'Brien's - 7/17

Posted by Jonathan Donaldson July 17, 2012 10:52 AM

For all of the albums grown in our own community gardens that I listen to on spec, few arrive to my ears so out of time and space as Sanguine Features from experimental/ambient artist, High Aura'd . On a late night's listen after a long day's toil, I put this record on (released in 12" form tonight at O'Brien's) and was whisked away to a High Aura'd world of metallic lullabies and droning clamour.

Although it might not seem like there is a whole lot of experimental music playing in Boston venues on the surface, a little digging reveals a scene with players of notable depth. High Aura'd is the nom-de-plume of musician John Kolodij-- an Ithaca, New York native who now lives in the Boston area where he both performs as High Aura'd and helps promote shows as part of Spectral Rehab. Although Kolodij has produced full-lengths releases in other formats over the past few years, as well as split casettes (one with Andre Foisy from Locrian and one with fellow Spectral Rehab'r and Type records head John Twells (Xela)), he is proud to present Sanguine Futures as his inaugural 12' LP.


Have you really heard the New Highway Hymnal? - 7/11 @ Great Scott

Posted by Jonathan Donaldson July 10, 2012 10:40 AM


For as much as I love seeing really, really loud bands, I am sadly remiss when it comes to the use of earplugs. That was not the case when I first saw the New Highway Hymnal several months back at PA's lounge. As they were playing on a bill with the Vandelles and Earthquake Party, there was no way I was going to become permanently deaf just for the pleasure of being able to talk to my friend in between songs, so in the earplugs went--like stuffing a couple of cigarette butts into a pumpkin.

Having released their debut 7" earlier this year, the New Highway Hymnal are back with a new single called "Out With The Lights" (a teaser from their forthcoming WHISPERS LP) which is available both as a free download at this Soundcloud link and also free with admission at their show at Great Scott tomorrow. As soon as I took the track for my first spin, I was surprised to hear a world of detail in the sound of the band that totally avoided my ears during their live set.


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Jonathan Donaldson is a Boston-based musician, writer, and second-generation music junkie. An Ohio native who moved to Boston in 1998, Jonathan's musical loves include R&B, psych, punk, bubblegum, country, electronic, More »

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