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Playing 4-on-4 with noisy rockers Soccer Mom - 6/7 @ Great Scott

Posted by Jonathan Donaldson  June 6, 2012 06:05 PM

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The only thing more obnoxious than a band is a team. After all, on a team, you have a coach and a manager. Uniforms. And even though I don't know that much about soccer compared to a lot of my American friends (who even say things like "poor play"--which an American would never say), this goes for soccer teams as well.

But I do like the music of Soccer Mom, which looks like this (credit: Tom Bellotti):


Instead of this-------->

Today I talked to Soccer Mom guitarist William Scales (stalwart soccer afficianado, formerly of ER and the now defunct Spanish Armada, and sporter of the red t-shirt in the photo above) about the tenuous similarities between the Marshall half-stack/half-shoegaze boil of Soccer Mom and an actual soccer team.

Inbound Sounds: So who is the passer of the band? Do you have a facilitator that keeps things moving?

William Scales: I would say Dan (guitarist/singer Dan Parlin). He writes the majority of the parts that end up in songs and seems to always have his parts in place while the rest of us labor and tinker.

IS: Does he pull his socks up high? Or have a Euro-mullet?

WS: No Euro-mullet. He has an exemplary moustache though. I wouldn't know about the socks. In general, I try not to look.

IS: Who is your striker--your musical assassin who often takes the songs over-the-top to where they need to go?

WS: That is Justin (drummer Justin Kehoe). He is technically the newest member of the band (Jan 2011), but he has added a dynamic that wasn't there before. We are now able to push songs without just relying on noise and volume.

IS: Who is the goalie? The loner. The sociopath with the special gloves. The patient one who must be trusted. The safety net.

WS: That is Danielle (bassist Danielle Deveau). She is unquestionably the one who anchors our songs and prevents the rest of us from turning them into shapeless noise-based wanderings. She keeps our form.

IS: OK, kemosabe. That leaves you. You're either the coach, or the hooligan, or the defender. What are you?

WS: Maybe an outside midfielder. I tend to stay away from the core of the songs, adding noise or melodies or (often) dischordant parts to what has already been established.

IS: And what about your EP, You're Not Going To Heaven? What kind of a game would it be? A slow pick-the-lock builder with a low score? A slugfest with exciting saves and breakaways? A vulgar display of red cards with "poor-play" and flopping?
A drunken pickup game with cute girls? A YMCA kiddie league game with no goalies?

WS: We like to push it at times, but I think that is more effective once we've lulled you a bit first. I have to go with the drunken pick-up game. It's the closest thing to what was going on when we were actually recording it.

IS: With, like, real decent play?

WS: Absolutely. Even if it's drunken pick-up, you always respect the game. You step on the pitch, and you play.

Soccer Mom
with Ghost Box Orchestra, Endless Wave, Hex Map
Great Scott
June 7

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