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5 types of people we saw at the Boston Music Awards

Posted by Emily Wright  December 9, 2013 09:41 AM

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Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe

Sunday night's Boston Music Awards celebrated locally-tied artists, their fans, and the music they create in a four-floor gathering at the Liberty Hotel. For a reasonable price, event-goers listened to hours of music, watched first-hand as the titles were handed out, and reveled in the scene while sipping on classy cocktails (among other drinks). Check out Luke O'Neil's review to see what he thought of the event.

As we wandered through the well-orchestrated chaos, we witnessed five distinct types of people, like the ladies of Women of the World, above, who fit the category of balcony dweller (for the photo, at least).

1. The elevator waiter

There were two elevators to access the four floors of entertainment at the Liberty Hotel last night, and they were jammed up from event open until event close. Not to mention they were a bit on the slow side travel time-wise. Whether they were waiting outside of it, or waiting inside of it, there were plenty of people who would fit the elevator waiter category.

2. The confused hotel guest

The Liberty is a hotel after all, so we were curious how things would pan out with the hotel's guests. Our questions were answered pretty quickly when we walked in alongside a middle-aged gentleman toting a laptop bag and carry-on luggage who got to the top of the escalator in the second floor lobby and paused -- for a very, very long time. We were tempted to ask if he needed help, but since we didn't know where to point him, we continued on. (We hope he found his room.)

We also saw luggage being taken to the lobby, but couldn't figure out which person it belonged to. The owners/hotel guests were BMA chameleons.

3. The person tripping over electrical cables -- wait, was that just us?

In an effort to avoid the elevator chaos, we searched for the stairs from the second floor to the fourth. I found them, but only after almost face-planting in front of the door to said stairs because we didn't see the raised plastic cover from the electrical cords leading to the stage. Maybe it doesn't need to be an entire category, but it would make us feel better if someone else met our same ill fate.

Thumbnail image for bostonmusicawards.jpg

Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe

4. The colorful person in a sea of black

It seemed like the requisite clothing color at the Boston Music Awards was black, so when we spotted someone wearing something else (say, purple, pink, or even white), we stopped and admired it. Play your own version of "Where's Waldo" above, but search for the colorful people, and let us know how many you find.

5. The balcony dweller

With three floors of 360-degree balconies overlooking the second floor lobby, there was plenty of space for people watching. The fifth floor balcony played host to a photo backdrop where event-goers could snap a pic to savor the night. The third and fourth floor balconies were the perfect space to give your ears a rest from the pulsating (awesome) music coming from the different stages.

Did you go to the Boston Music Awards? Think there was a type of person that should be mentioned? Let us know which ones, and check out some of our photos from the event.

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