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Q&A part 2: Teddy Geiger on latest music, tour, aspirations

Posted by Emily Wright  May 13, 2013 02:51 PM

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Pop stars Ryan Cabrera and Teddy Geiger are wrapping their tour with Tyler Hilton tonight at Boston's Hard Rock Cafe. Before the show, Geiger dished on his newest album, electronic music aspirations, and the joys of being on tour with his friends.

We talked with Teddy by phone earlier today. How’s the tour been for you? Are you sad about it ending? Are you looking forward to maybe doing this again with them sometime in the future?

Teddy: It’s been a lot of fun. I’ve done a lot more sitting in on people’s sets than I’ve ever done in the past so it’s kind of fun just learning everyone’s songs and everything back stage was just great because it’s so easy. I am a little sad that it’s ending but, also, it’s going to be good to go home. Where’s home for you?

Teddy: Queens, New York. You just put out a new CD using PledgeMusic, how did that work?

Teddy: I basically had been trying to put out a record for a long time and I had been taking meetings and playing demos for people and I’d get a lot of like “Oh yes, this is good, we’ll call you,” and then nothing. But all the while there’s fans asking for new music and I didn’t really know what to do because this was for the past couple years. And I’m still young, I guess, but even younger in the mindset and I’m thinking if these people are saying I shouldn’t put it out, then I shouldn’t put it out. And then I kind of started talking to my people and showing what I was working on and just getting more confident, and this PledgeMusic site thing came along and a couple of my other friends made their records through Pledge and they saw it working and I thought it was a viable route to go to try to get it funded and to take the pressure off. And I’d know that I wasn’t going to lose my shirt on it. So that was cool. And then it’s been just kind of a process, having kind of everyone who is going to listen to that record right there. And through the site, you can communicate with them about what song the fans are responding to … and they can be involved in the process as well. How did you choose the charity Save the Elephants as the one that you would donate some of the proceeds to?

Teddy: I heard a heartbreaking story, I forget now, this was like two years ago when we started the whole thing. But it was kind of like I needed to pick something in the next two days and I heard this story and it tore my heart out about this elephant …You just realize that these are sensitive animals and they’re being mistreated and numbers are dwindling, and it’s just nice that there are organizations out there that are making sure these things are happening and making sure they have the resources that they need and everything. Tell me about how the record is different from your last one. What can fans expect from it and from your show tonight?

Teddy: I guess the real difference is just based on experience. The first record, “For You I Will,” was talking about the first girl I ever asked out in the hallway of my middle school. This one’s about a break-up after being together for two-and-a-half years and having to work through things, and kind of finding out who I am. After being out of the house and on my own for the first time, and going through those changes, and having an idea of the world and then you go out in the world and you’re like “wow, this place is weird,” and dealing with all of that. Who I thought I was isn’t who I am, some of that. I meant to have it be a follow up, so all of the songs are guitar and piano and can be played on guitar and piano. Tonight’s the last night of the tour. Are you planning to do anything different than you have on the other night’s of the tour? Ryan Cabrera’s saying there’s potential to bring fans up on stage.

Teddy: Yeah, Ryan’s trying to hook up some special guests. He’s got this elaborate network; he’s working on a special couple things.
: Is there anything else that you want me to tell your fans about things you’ve been working on?

Teddy: Actually, yeah. I’ve been working on some electronic music and just because I like it, and in the past couple years I’ve been getting into it. And then recently something came along that I sang a vocal on someone’s track and DJ Tiesto ended up getting a hold of it and he played it at Ultra in Miami in front of a stadium in front of a ton of people and now it’s coming out on his next release, which will be out this June, I think.

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