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The 51st Grammys - What Have We Learned?

Posted by Sarah Rodman  February 8, 2009 11:48 PM

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-That if the woman who has won the most Grammys and the singer of one rock 'n roll's greatest bands to never win a Grammy team up, they will win awards.

-That if you are a dreadlocked rapper with a shiny grill you will win awards but not in the top category.

-That if you are Kid Rock, it doesn't matter if you made one of the biggest selling records of the year you will go home emptyhanded.

-That the era of the clean sweep may be over in our fragmented musical universe.

-That if you are a veteran black actor you will become friends with a younger, white musician.

-That if you are Stevie Wonder you can apparently make a deal whereby you consent to performing with the Jonas Brothers in exchange for closing the show solo style.

-That the great awards show acceptance speech, at least at the Grammys, is a lost art.

-That if you were the cute Beatle you still command awe and respect.

Final score on Grammy predictions:

Reed 3 of 4
Rodman 2 of 4

Who got robbed? What did you think of the performances? Join us for the Grammy chat tomorrow at 2 p.m.

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4 comments so far...
  1. Loved the performances however what's up with Plant and Krauss winning all these grammy's and for album of the year?
    I never even heard of the album.....sheesh.

    Posted by katie February 9, 09 07:52 AM
  1. Yikes- I am as old as Stevie Wonder and can't believe how elderly this whole show seemed. My husband, who can't tell Lil way from his lil Brenda Lee, even commented on how tired it all was. I don't think Stevie cut much of a deal , the crowd was leaving as he was singing. Do you think Adele won because the voters figured the Jonas machine was unstoppable and they would vote for some music they liked ? The marching band looked happy with Thom.

    Posted by jomarch February 9, 09 08:43 AM
  1. We learned that a band can cleary and obvioulyy rip off another artist and win record of the year! Coldplay was always a poorman's U2, and they have been awarded for being a poor man's U2 that owes Joe Satriani a huge thank you and and even bigger royalty check.

    We also learned that :
    *Whitey may be clean, but the brain damage has been done.
    *Stevie Wonder has no control over his career anymore.
    *Kid Rock is still underestimanted and under appreciated in this industry.
    *Hip Hop artists can perform with out cussing or an ebonics dictionary.
    *Sheryl Crow has an amazing plastic surgeon.
    *There are too many older people voting for the Grammies. (see Robert Plant's wins). The record was good, but not THAT good.
    * Last of all, is that we need to lean that even though every year they say they are going to re-vamp, any we have hopes that its going to be true THIS year, the Grammies is still a boring joke that is totaly rigged.

    Posted by Vivalaselvis February 9, 09 11:53 AM
  1. I just wanted to see Radiohead and Gnarls Barkley perform "Reckoner."

    Posted by Allen Bush February 14, 09 06:56 PM

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