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Phish tickets on sale Saturday

Posted by Katie Johnston Chase  January 28, 2009 11:21 AM

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Phish is playing the Comcast Center June 6, one of 10 reunion shows the beloved jam band is playing that month. Tickets ($49.50) go on sale Saturday, Jan. 31, at 10 a.m. at the Comcast Center box office, 877-598-8689, or www.livenation.com.

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33 comments so far...
  1. Thank you Katie Johnston! As if these tickets weren;t going to be hard enough to get on Saturday anyway. Thanks for the reminder!

    Posted by Archie Spade January 28, 09 12:13 PM
  1. Boy I'm going to sleep well tonight knowing this!

    Posted by Not a Phish Fan January 28, 09 12:37 PM
  1. Thanks a lot, Katie. The phans had NO IDEA that these tickets were going on sale. We didn't already have our plan in place of how we were going to try to get tickets for this show a month ago. Thanks for letting everyone know.

    Good luck, Archie! Hopefully we will beat the odds.

    Posted by Suzy Greenburg January 28, 09 12:49 PM
  1. Ditto

    Posted by ScalpersRCrooks January 28, 09 01:01 PM
  1. damn hippies

    Posted by elias January 28, 09 01:05 PM
  1. i'm already in line.

    Posted by amy's farm January 28, 09 01:15 PM
  1. Yeah, seriously ....sssshhhhhhh!

    Posted by UMA January 28, 09 01:15 PM
  1. Gonna be pretty hard to get a hold of tickets for these shows.
    Thank God I got mine in the Lottery!!

    Posted by Captain Red Beard January 28, 09 01:26 PM
  1. I can't believe this is on the front page. And here I was thinking I might have an actual shot at getting tickets.

    Posted by Rhymenocerous January 28, 09 01:26 PM
  1. As if this was necessary for publicity. Thanks Katie

    Posted by YEM January 28, 09 01:37 PM
  1. Katie,

    The 1st rule of Fight Club is NEVER talk about Fight Club.

    Posted by Tim January 28, 09 01:51 PM
  1. Sweet, cant wait till they sell out at 10:01 and there 15000 tickets are on Stubhub by 10:03.......

    Posted by *Wookie Slayer* January 28, 09 02:16 PM
  1. And it's on the Most-Emailed list too.

    They'll sell out by 10:00:45 am.

    Posted by me January 28, 09 02:40 PM
  1. yeah, enough with the advertisement! phans already know, and don't need the masses involved.

    Posted by marco esquandolas January 28, 09 02:42 PM
  1. Honestly, I've never understood the fascination with Phish. I find the endless jamming infuriating. In my uninformed opinion they are one of the top 5 most overrated acts of the past couple decades. That said, I know a lot of people enjoy their music and that this reunion is heaven for them--good luck getting tickets everyone.

    Posted by reducemedia January 28, 09 02:46 PM
  1. Thanks Katie, can you get me tickets?

    Posted by Kevin Carroll January 28, 09 02:47 PM
  1. Great....actually they go on sale in two weeks! Please don't try to get tickets this weekend. Don't call or go on-line next Saturday. PLEASE DON'T!!!!!
    Katie, do you have a hook up for tix?

    Posted by Harpua January 28, 09 02:54 PM
  1. worst band/music ever

    Posted by heavy January 28, 09 02:56 PM
  1. Real phans already got their tix through the lottery system. Bite-size Berno being of of them!

    Posted by Nico January 28, 09 03:16 PM
  1. A better show is also going on sale on Saturday.....Lamb of God FTW

    Posted by john January 28, 09 03:48 PM
  1. Nico my phriend....thx for the update. You are a lucky **** to have lottery tickets so it might be better if you cool with all your phan talk as I know plenty of people that got shutout. Too bad a "real phan" can't just stay away from the keyboard.

    Posted by Blkdog January 28, 09 03:55 PM
  1. Yeah, real phans already got thier tickets through the lottery and added them to stubhub. At least 25 real fans that I've talked to did not get lottery tickets. I had 6 people trying for me and I was denied. I've been planning my next method of attack since I entered the lottery as my backup. Now, thanks to Katie and her big mouth, I can be shut out yet again.

    Posted by Suzy Greenburg January 28, 09 03:59 PM
  1. yeah, those Phish tix are going to be to tough to get... huge demand for crap music... thanks Katie...

    Posted by hippiehater January 28, 09 04:13 PM
  1. Yeah Katie...thanks a bunch. Nico, real Phans are the ones who actually went through the rigamaroll to get them in the days where you had to put in using the US Mail and a Money Order. If you got yours through the computer Lottery, more power to you but you might not be a real Phan unless you remember this.

    Posted by CL January 28, 09 04:40 PM
  1. Take down the notice and keep it a secret

    Posted by The Wolfman's Brother January 28, 09 05:05 PM
  1. They're actually planning on selling the 'worst seats available' first instead of the usual 'best seats' first. This is expected to slow the demand and create a less frantic on line scene.

    Posted by John L. Fishman January 28, 09 05:18 PM
  1. Nico, most real "phans" got shut out of the lottery system, unfortunately.

    Now there is an entire generation of new phans that have not been to a show, so I expect these tickets to be hard to come by.

    If you look at their schedule, I think one can make a VERY safe assumption that they will show up at Bonnaroo and perform there as a surprise guest, but that's just a hunch.

    Posted by Mikey "Insane" Monkeypants January 28, 09 05:43 PM
  1. I'll make one call. Okay two. But that's it.

    Posted by atrain January 28, 09 06:00 PM
  1. tickets will not be as hard as people think. there will be plenty of re-released tickets and tickets on message boards and tickets in the lot. if you know how to play the game, you'll get in.

    Posted by Rutherford the Brave January 28, 09 06:29 PM
  1. Oh my god!! phish is back!!! I have to quit my job so I can tour with them for the month of June!!!

    Naw, but seriously, I do love Phish. I'm not a hippie, nor have I ever been one, but I do enjoy the scene, the music, and toke like it's going out of style. Which by the way, thanks in no small part to my fellow Massachusettonians, is now fully legal in all of its forms. Should be interesting to see how the staties handle this. Could be a cash cow for the commonwealth if they just hang out in the lots writing citations during phish shows for years to come.

    Posted by beefstick January 28, 09 07:11 PM
  1. Most over rated band ever.

    Posted by YipYap January 28, 09 09:15 PM
  1. "Which by the way, thanks in no small part to my fellow Massachusettonians, is now fully legal in all of its forms.:"

    Ignorance of the law is not a valid defense for breaking the law.
    I suggest you get more informed before you're arrested.

    Posted by i remember money orders - they actually worked! January 28, 09 09:20 PM
  1. Phish fans are an agressive bunch when faced with ticket let downs. Trust me, i know....i am one! haha But, no worries everyone. We will all get in.

    Posted by JMAC January 29, 09 10:27 AM

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