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Christina Aguilera will host a station, and curate its playlist, on a.p.e. radio. Christina Aguilera will host a station, and curate its playlist, on a.p.e. radio. (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images/File)
By Sarah Rodman
Globe Staff / June 19, 2009
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If you’ve always wondered what your favorite artists listen to when they’re not making their own music, there haven’t been many outlets to find out. Several high-profile acts have hosted radio shows over the years both on the terrestrial airwaves - Steve Van Zandt and Alice Cooper are currently spinning the platters that matter to them - and on the Sirius XM satellite networks - Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and Eminem have fronted channels and programs.

Now Clear Channel Radio is getting in on the celeb playlist business via digital platforms. Starting next month, the broadcasting behemoth, in partnership with Front Line Management, will launch a.p.e. radio, which stands for “artist personal experience.’’ The first three stations will be hosted by classic rockers the Eagles, pop singer Christina Aguilera, and geek-rock kings Weezer.

Each artist will curate the 24/7 playlist, offering interviews, commentary, information on tour dates, and exclusive content. Some will also feature a “storytellers’’ element, explaining the inspirations behind the music. Eclectic choices on Aguilera’s docket include tunes by Etta James, Santigold, and Black Sabbath.

The stations will be available via the artists’ websites, Clear Channel’s Web-based radio stations, and mobile phone applications. They will be updated weekly and feature about 1,000 songs. While all three of the inaugural acts are managed by Front Line, Clear Channel promises a.p.e. will feature a wide range of acts both classic and up-and-coming. Maybe now we’ll get the back story on that genie in a bottle.

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