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A rare Jewel on the T

The MBTA became the "Yellow Line" Friday afternoon when waify Alaskan pop star Jewel boarded a car from Boston College to South Station for a free show to promote the Verizon Yellow Pages , which is working to make its product more hip in response to competition on the Internet. Jewel, who now hosts the "American Idol"-like reality television show "Nashville Star," caught up with us a few hours before her promotional T ride for a quick chat. Turns out, she's more of a Lincoln Town Car girl.

Q The press release for this South Station show says that, back in the day, you couldn't afford to ride the T. How much was it back then?

A It was trains, really. I did not ever ride the T. The reason I learned to play the guitar was so I could hitchhike through Mexico for spring break like all parents hope their children will do one day. I was probably 16.

Q Every article I read about you mentions that you grew up without a toilet.

A It was daunting to use an outhouse at 3 a.m. I was raised really far up in the woods. And I didn't have a bathroom when I lived in my car, but after living with my father and my brothers, having my own car was like my own private suite.

Q You seem committed to country music on "Nashville Star." Will your next album be country?

A I think I will be doing a country record. I've been wanting to do one for a long time but my label was scared to death of it. I don't have a label now, so I can put out what I want.

Q When do we get more poetry?

A I have another book. It's a book of love poems. It's for my boyfriend, but I don't want his mom to read it. I don't know what I'm going to do. It's a little saucy.

Q So, will you be taking the T all day? Will you be committing to Boston's public transportation, or are you jumping in cabs before and after the gig?

A I think I'm in a Town Car today. Hey, if someone's willing to pay, I'm willing to take it.

Q The Globe's transportation reporter, who has followed your decision to ride on the T quite closely, asked me this morning if you know who will eventually save his soul.

A Aww. That's cute. You know how many Bibles I got after that one came out? People were like, "Oooh. Oooh. I know this one!"