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Built to Spillstays centeredand rocks steady

Doug Martsch is a man of few words. During his band Built to Spill's performance at Avalon Monday night, the Boise, Idaho , resident spoke only when necessary. Certainly, after the band's nine-minute epic ``Goin' Against Your Mind" ended, it seemed there wasn't anything else to be said. And that was just the opening number.

The song, from BTS's April release, ``You in Reverse," is a masterpiece of reflection and reaction and moved through passages of spacey psychedelic rock, pure pop, and bouncy punk, with Martsch's vocals sweet and somber but resolute. The music never dawdled, but bristled with purpose and the kind of lyrics that hard-won revelations result in.

``You in Reverse" comes five years after the last BTS record, a period of time that saw Martsch release his solo debut , ``Now You Know," and tour with his trusty Built to Spillers.

This tour sees the band at five members, with long time side-guitarist Brett Netson adding an extra sonic layer alongside Martsch and Jim Roth.

Moving on from the show's commanding introduction -- triumphant being too vulgar a word for a band so quietly centered -- BTS mixed old and new: a bold, chunky ``Distopian Dream Girl"; a zippy, guitar-shredding ``Conventional Wisdom," and a cover of ``Will Work for Food," from the Halo Benders, Martsch's side project.

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