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A language of love

Some wedding band members speak in verbal shorthand. For help interpreting, here is a glossary of frequently used terms courtesy of Corin Ashley of the Willow Entertainment booking agency:

GB: General business

Downbeat: The start time

Cat: A musician

Heavy cat: A really good musician

A hit: An engagement, a gig

Rectangle: A paycheck

Lizard: A burned-out GB cat who does the hit just to get his rectangle

Bobby!: A cue to start a James Brown song -- James Brown often spoke to his MC Bobby Byrd in song intros.

A double: Two gigs in one day (very common on popular dates)

Crossover: When a wedding spans the afternoon and evening on a popular date, thereby preventing the band from doing two gigs

You're doing good!: High praise for a fellow musician

Bandwich: Often served to the band instead of what the guests eat

Crinkle: Money. Usage: ''What's the crinkle on this hit?"

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