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Cross-cross-referencing QT Talkathons

Posted by Ty Burr  August 20, 2009 09:57 AM

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So the new Quention Tarantino movie, "Inglourious Basterds" (sic sic sic 'em, boy) is, as usual, a witty, arcane chat-fest punctuated by beautifully filmed bloodletting. Or vice versa: a hellacious action movie interrupted by long swaths of artful yammer. My review of the film will pop up on the site later today (I'll link to it then), but for now read Jim Emerson's penetrating (as usual) take on the patented Tarantino talkativeness, which he quite excellently nails as "a monolog divided up among 'characters'". (And therein is the very large Achilles heel of one of the most naturally gifted directors in the history of American movies: That he can't hear anyone else but himself talking.)

Emerson links to an essay by Matt Zoller Seitz and Keith Uhlich on The L Magazine, and up top I've posted their video mash-up homage to QT's demonic prolixity. NSFW unless you've got headphones, it illustrates what an amazing ear Tarantino has for language -- the beguiling sound and rhythms of it, the concussive force of conversation, the pleasures of arguments that go on for a Mobius Strip eternity. At times, I wonder if he isn't Sam Beckett reborn as an amoral, over-caffeinated whiz-kid. And there are times I wonder if Tarantino isn't becoming a figure out of Beckett himself, filling the void with words so he won't actually have to say anything.

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1 comments so far...
  1. Zoe Bell might be a great stuntperson, but her acting in this was TERRIBLE. I found myself zoning out. Too bad, because I think Kurt Russell's days in the "B" side of things deserved better.

    Posted by Pierre August 31, 09 02:10 PM

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