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Read Wesley Morris Golden Globe chat transcript

Posted by Ronald J Agrella, Editor  January 12, 2009 11:30 PM

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Boston Globe film critic Wesley Morris blogged live on Sunday night during the Golden Globes. Click on the link below to read his full transcript.

Golden Globe Awards with Globe movie critic Wesley Morris(01/11/2009) 
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6:46 Chat Producer:  Folks: Wesley Morris will be online shortly. Please feel free to send him any Golden Globe comments or questions and he can respond when he arrives. He'll also be observing and commenting during the Golden Globes...

Wesley Morris:  Here we are at the the Golden Globes. My name is Wesley. I'll be your peanut gallery. And I am sad -- so sad that I have no Glamorstrator.

Wesley Morris:  Susan Sarandon appears to have shown up as Diane Keaton's curtains.

Wesley Morris:  I love that Amy Adams seems like a school teacher who won a radio contest to Hollywood -- Jeremy Piven lives. He and that hair are looking hale and mercury-free.

Wesley Morris:  Drew Barrymore's hair has been attacked by birds!

Wesley Morris:  I think Giuliana Depandi might have flunked out of the school Amy Adams never taught at.

Wesley Morris:  Is it me or have all the stylists gone to a New Mexico craft fair for the jewels. It's like a Shirley McClaine trunk show around Eva Mendes' neck.

Wesley Morris:  Look at how handsome Tracy Morgan is! He looks (and sounds) like James Bong. Yes, Bong. He just told Giuliana Depandi that he needs a woman who knows how to make collard greens. Tracy, that's me!

Wesley Morris:  Ryan Seacrest didn't get the memo about not asking about Maggie Gyllenhaal and other "Dark Knight" stars about Heath Ledger's death. They will *freak* out. Or shut down.

Wesley Morris:  The David Duchovny thought bubble: "Giuliana, my recovery program is totally working, sister. I don't want you. Not even a litte bit."

Wesley Morris:  Nick, Joe, Kevin: I need you to unpark my car. Here's three dollars.

Wesley Morris:  How much does Billy Ray Cyrus looks like he just missed making the Little Rock Backstreet Boys tribute group. (I think Miley Cyrus is drunk. I also think I love her.)

Wesley Morris:  So what have we learned: Debra Messing is funny. Shrubbery sticks to all the dresses. All women are bigger than Ryan Seacrest. Giuliana probably can't spell her name. And there are probably birds in Drew Barrymore's hair, which, as it happens, is very Grey Gardens.

Wesley Morris:  America Ferrara, nice lady: but where are all the good dresses? Drew Barrymore's lilac thing is actually lovely. So is Eva Longoria Parker's white... frock. I can't tell.

Wesley Morris:  Oh yay! The United Nations have just dropped Brad and Angelina off. (Kate Winslet is talking about relationships. I'm asleep.)

Wesley Morris:  Anne Hathaway just crashed into Blake Lively. The first of many collisions tonight, I hope. No other will be as adorable. (Or as skinny.)

Wesley Morris:  J. Lo and Marc Anthony are have hit the red carpet. I can feel the tremors on my couch.

Wesley Morris:  Marisa Tomei, thank for you caring enough to do something interesting. You look like a Marin pilates instructor out for the night in Santa Rosa, but still. You took a chance in "The Wrestler" and you're taking a chance tonight. Thanks.

Wesley Morris:  Beyonce, sleepwalked through her Ryan Seacrest conversation. That's good TV criticism, Beyonce.

Wesley Morris:  The great Penelope Cruz wears her most boring dress ever. Why is everybody wearing that hideous natural-flesh color. It clashes with their orange skin. People's faces have more color than their clothes tonight. It's sad. Marisa Tomei will probably go down as the bravest lady in the room. That and whoever did made a bird feeder out to Drew Barrymore's hair.

Wesley Morris:  Wait, strike that. Renee Zellweger might win the nutjob award. She's walking like a robot and appears to have erased her nipples for the viewers at home. What a lady!

Wesley Morris:  P. Diddy is promoting "Notorious" and like 10 other projects. This just in, he's changed his name again. He's now "P.R. Diddy."

Wesley Morris:  Jeremy Piven has just told America he's detoxing for mercuy poisoning.  

Wesley Morris:  Megan Fox just told Giuiliana she wants Salma Hayek breasts. I just checked. Megan, for two episodes of 'Ugly Betty," she'll give them to you.

Wesley Morris:  Jennifer Lopez in that amazing dress should be the hood ornament of whatever drove P.R. Diddy to the show.

Wesley Morris:  Lopez is funny tonight in a way she never, ever is in the movies.

Wesley Morris:  Kate Winslet shocks the room by winning for "The Reader." My couch is shocked, too. I just don't understand how this happens. She's the star of the film. But these sorts of politics are none of my business. In the meantime, she's proving that not all Brits give great acceptance speeches. Some give laundry lists just like everybody else.

Wesley Morris:  Some of the clingy red-carpet shrubbery that a lot of the women were complaining about is currently sticking to Sting's face. He's come dressed in anticipation of Bruce Springsteen's winning best song.

Wesley Morris:  Is that Mickey Rourke or a member of Morris Day and the Time?

Wesley Morris:  Going into the commercial break the announcer asks, "Will one of these women win an award from Johnny Depp?" I am too much of a grown to touch that one. But Sally Hawkins, bring your hand saniitzer. (What? I'm just saying.)

Wesley Morris:  Rumer Willis looks good. Viola Davis looks good. Blair Underwood looks good. Meanwhile, Tom Wilkinson just won TV supporting actor for "John Adams" and Jeremy Piven is shooting invisible mercury daggers at him. It apears to be working. Wilkinson can't seem to remember who was in "John Adams" or who made it.

Wesley Morris:  Cool. Laura Dern wins an award. And she salutes people who dig change. I salute you, Ms. Dern, for "Citizen Ruth" and "Lost Empire."

Wesley Morris:  Did anyone catch all those ladies leaning into Laurence Fishburne during that pre-commercial montage? Are they stuck to him? Some guys wear flowers. This one wears movie stars. Women never did that to William Petersen.

Wesley Morris:  Don Cheadle's in a movie called "Hotel for Dogs"? And did he just called "Burn After Reading" a masterpiece? He did just call Brad Pitt stupid.

Wesley Morris:  Salma Hayek, I saw you give that look as Eva Mendes walked out to present. I don't know what's up with her, either.

Wesley Morris:  Well, Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, you just bored me out of wanting to see your "Star Trek" movie. As the two prom dates who ended up at a Hollywood awards show...

Wesley Morris:  I'm going to start a new drinking game. How many different actors tonight will kneel down at Meryl Streep's chair? Anne Hathaway is one.

Wesley Morris:  (Sorry but: Kate Winslet for "The Reader"?)

Wesley Morris:  Ricky Gervais is going off in his awkward-comedy way, with a beer in his hand. I think I just laughed. But he was actually right about Winslet.

Wesley Morris:  Nick, Joe, and the other one: Dudes, where's my car?

Wesley Morris:  It's Johnny Depp. Ladies, get ready. He looks gone.

Wesley Morris:  Amy Winehouse + Kate Beckinsale + Ava Gardner + Anne Hathaway's "Rachel Getting Married" wedding toast = Sally Hawkins

[Comment From Jocelyn]
who do you think will win Best Actor?

Wesley Morris:  Joceyln, I don't know what the Hollywood Foreign Press will do. I'm just watching the show! Who do you think will win?

[Comment From joolesverne]

Wesley Morris:  Jooles, I am drinking (very, very slowly).

[Comment From Guest]
where'd depp get that accent? eddie vedder has it too. it's william burroughs meets shane mcgowan

Wesley Morris:  He got it from the Keith Richards store, I think.

Wesley Morris:  HDTV, you need to stop. You're being very unkind to Jake Gyllenhaal.

Wesley Morris:  Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore can cackle in harmony. That was pretty neat.

Wesley Morris:  Tom Hanks will be giving everybody's speech for the rest of the evening.

Wesley Morris:  How old isn't Demi Moore?

Wesley Morris:  So Heath Ledger wins best supporting actor, saving Robert Downey Jr. the stress of having to come up with something graciously Downeyesque to say. Christopher Nolan accepts the trophy. (Wait, Jeremy Piven was totally crying.)

[Comment From Guest]
Going back to the Kate Winslett win - is there any criteria for supporting actor vs actor or is it left up to the Hollywood Foreign Press to decide?

Wesley Morris:  Guest, that is all that marketing and strategizing. If Kate Winslet gives two very high-profile lead performances in two different movies, to spare the studios and voters the hassle of having to choose which to vote for, one performance nowadays is downgraded to supporting status. It's silly. Unless you're the actor. If you're the actor, it's amazing.

Wesley Morris:  Thank you, Colin Farrell for reminding us that you once were a cokehead. It why we love you. Meanwhile, Ari Folman: kind of foxy. Meanwhile, Glenn Close really appears to like his movie.

[Comment From MikeP]
Israel just won a Golden Globe for invading Gaza.

Wesley Morris:  MikeP just won an award for topical irreverence.

[Comment From Guest]
everyone seems to like Laura Linney

Wesley Morris:  I think I like Laura Linney's dress. But her Emmy speech last fall was much more, how you say, "interesting."

[Comment From jocelyn]
Her dress color didn't do her any favors though (sorry...meow)

Wesley Morris:  Yes, Jocelyn: "Meow." I like the color. It's not as pale most of the other dresses. And here's Elizabeth Banks's dress, right on cue.

Wesley Morris:  Seth Rogen appears to be on some kind of diet. His comedy is thinner, too.

[Comment From MikeP]
Which are more flattering pale colors or rich colors? I like the dark reds and blues like Eva Longoria's

Wesley Morris:  Hold on, MikeP, I'm getting Isaac Mizrahi on the phone.

Wesley Morris:  Alec Baldwin used to deliver Rumer Willis her juice boxes! He will be taking over for Tom Hanks. The evening's remaining speeches will now be delivered by him.

[Comment From Guest]
Gratuitous I love my daughter Ireland remark. Look, I'm a great Dad!

Wesley Morris:  Noted.

[Comment From jocelyn]
Alec Baldwin isn't wearing a pale tux...but he should go on Seth's diet

Wesley Morris:  Jocelyn, we agree on nothing tonight. I like my Alec Baldwin with a side of pork. It gives his comedy a pinch of self-pity.

Wesley Morris:  Lord, it's Kim Novak as Carlotta Valdes as Renee Zellweger! How'd she do that?

Wesley Morris:  Holy Zach and Miri! When did "The Reader" become a porno?

Wesley Morris:  Ladies and gentlemen, Terrence Howard is the evening's best dressed man.

[Comment From Guest]
Oh I'm glad Paul Giamatti finally won. I can't stand watching him squirm with that pathetic look of woe on his face.

Wesley Morris:  Word.

Wesley Morris:  When did Glenn Close turn into Cloris Leachman on "Dancing with the Stars"?

Wesley Morris:  Man, "Entourage" is a terrible show. Whenever I watch, I'm struck by how much it sounds like most of the cast just learned to read.

Wesley Morris:  Sorry, Alec Baldwin, you will now be sharing you new job with Tracy Morgan. Jay-Z, holla back.

[Comment From Guest]
yeah but you still watch Entourage just like you still watch Dirty Sexy $ (don't say it's your job)

Wesley Morris:  Guest, I really don't.

[Comment From Will]
Are you watching in your pj's at home or are your forced into an office somewhere?

Wesley Morris:  I'm home. In my Batcave.

Wesley Morris:  P.R. Diddy doesn't appear to know the difference between a movie soundtrack and a film score. (Tracy Morgan, please explain it to him.) A. R. Rahman, the winning composer of "Slumdog Millionaire," hugs him anyway.

Wesley Morris:  Tina Fey keeps making Paul Giammatti-face. She looks like she's on a terrible, terrible blind date.

Wesley Morris:  Tina Fey should not be Googling herself. You really just don't want to know. But I think that explains the constipated-looking face.

Wesley Morris:  I'm steeling myself for the Cecil B DeMillie Award. This is the moment where the evening takes a weird turn into an accountant convention banquet. Except for that year they saluted Dustin Hoffman. That was enjoyable. But Martin Scorsese is doing it. So that should be illuminating: We're going to learn something about the movies.

Wesley Morris:  Steven Speilberg has had more looks than Madonna. Who knew? Do you remember his Peace Corps phase? What about his new-wave drummer look?

Wesley Morris:  There was also the "Anthony Perkins" look?

Wesley Morris:  Ok, we didn't learn anything about the movies. But we are reminded of some pedagogical movie-biz history. Steven Spielberg explains the Hollywood University mentoring/enabling program and gives a shout-out to inspiration. Half the room has worked with him. The other half is calling their agents.

[Comment From Guest]

Wesley Morris:  Or: Zzzzzzzzz.

Wesley Morris:  Emma Thompson and Dustin would make the best sitcom married couple.

Wesley Morris:  I don't have "mad, pulsating affection," to quote Best Director Danny Boyle, for "Slumdog Millionaire," but if that happens everytime this movie wins something, I'll smile.

Wesley Morris:  Sandra Bullock + Tina Fey = funny movie?

Wesley Morris:  Colin Farrell, our least appreciated very good actor (see him in Woody Allen's "Cassandra's Dream)," wins an award. He's much better, freer when he's permitted to speak with an Irish or English accent. Ditto Kate Winslet.

[Comment From jocelyn]
Colin Farrel could be the only person who is still able to carry off a 70's porn mustache...

Wesley Morris:  Word. The man is a little porny.

Wesley Morris:  Where Ricky Gervais is self-effacingly bitter, Sacha Baron Cohen is mean. People are afraid to laugh to at his jokes, even the ones about himself.

Wesley Morris:  "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" wins the comedy movie prize. Commercial break. I can't watch anymore beautiful woman walk in slow-motion or make weird facial non-expressions for Revl'Oreal or whatever.

Wesley Morris:  But wait "Dirty Dancing" is coming to Boston. It looks like an aerobics class with extra sex. I'll buy tickets right after I get that Quiznos sub.

Wesley Morris:  Shahrukh Khan remains very handsome -- even with in a sequin tie around his bare neck.

Wesley Morris:  Ok Kate Winslet hyperventilates her way to the stage. This will be the better speech.

Wesley Morris:  Still hyperventilating. Emma Thompson shoud stand next to her.

Wesley Morris:  She thanks Richard Yates. That's nice.

[Comment From Guest 2]
Wes, is it my imagination or is Winslet regressing to a "Titanic" performance with this phoney speech?

Wesley Morris:  That's one way to look at it. It might help her win an Oscar or two.

Wesley Morris:  "The Curious Case of Benjamin Britten"?

Wesley Morris:  Mickey Rourke has stunned and flipped out the room. (They are actually standing up for him. Only in Hollywood, with an open bar.) He really does look like somebody who might play keyboards for Prince. He just thanked Axel Rose and his dog. Rightful winner Sean Penn, you got served.

Who should have won best actor?
Sean Penn
 ( 41% )
Leonardo DiCaprio
 ( 0% )
Mickey Rourke
 ( 41% )
Frank Langella
 ( 6% )
Clint Eastwood
 ( 0% )
 ( 12% )

Wesley Morris:  Tom Cruise, those are some spectacular lapels, my friend.

Wesley Morris:  So best dramatic picture "Slumdog Millionaire" opens in India next week. If they're going bananas in Mumbai now, wait til thet actually see the movie. The idea of an entire country -- India, no less -- rooting for their movie to win best picture is fascinating. Oh, wait. It's the Night Team! Gotta go. Thanks for chatting and reading. Goodnight.

[Comment From jocelyn]
Mr. Morris, it's been a pleasure. See you at the Oscars?

Wesley Morris:  Yeah. I'll be there.


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6 comments so far...
  1. I've correctly picked every winner thus far...but there are TV hints (Bruce wouldn't have been there if he wasn't tipped off...)

    Posted by nanook January 11, 09 08:24 PM
  1. Gyllenhall (sic) looks 40 something not her actual 20 something (elegant in an old world kind of way though)

    Posted by nanook January 11, 09 09:12 PM
  1. Did you just hire this guy to rip everyone apart? I thought that this was going to have some intersting observations about the actors and their work. What a waste of space and time.

    Posted by buck112 January 12, 09 10:44 AM
  1. The dig on Israel wasn't necessary at all. Did you even see the movie that won the award? What if the documentary had been about Munich (like it was several years ago)? Would that comment have still been appropriate? This movie was about coming to terms with the horrors of fighting in Lebanon--a serious movie, not a comedy.

    BTW, I think Ricky Gervais's comment to Kate Winslet WAS funny. What was written here was not funny at all. But, I'm sure it made all involved feel better to take a dig at Israel over Gaza.

    Posted by Beth January 12, 09 06:01 PM
  1. Ty & Wes:

    You talk in your Take 2 video segment about overlooked pictures in the Oscars this year and how no one will see them because the Academy doesn't take the time to view them. How about taking a look at the films you both overlooked in your own back yard in '08 for just a review??? Not saying they are Oscar worthy but at the very least a well made local film deserves a review from local film critics, eh? Oh, that is right, you bow to the studio system and they control what you are allowed to review, correct? Grow a pair...the two of you! On Broadway, is the film I speak of and you should have taken the time in reviewing it and not passing it off on a theater critic...and you both speak so lowly and roll your eyes at the Academy for not doing their job.

    Ty responds: You're right, gotime, one of us should have caught "On Broadway," not to disparage Terry Byrne's perfectly fine (if negative) review. The reality of our jobs is that we're often on the hook for four to five reviews a week each, and when there are more new releases than that we have to farm out assignments to freelancers or other writers. The decision as to who covers what isn't easy and isn't always going to make everyone happy. Balancing Hollywood releases with indie fare with movies at the local institutions with locally made films is a juggling act, and sometimes we drop a pin.

    Posted by gotime January 14, 09 07:51 AM
  1. Beth: Thanks for your comments. Morris has been strangely snarky towards Israel and Holocaust references lately. I wonder what's up with that....

    Posted by Bunny February 22, 09 11:08 PM

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