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Give the people what they want

Posted by Ty Burr  November 4, 2008 12:38 PM

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Which in this case is a Kinks reunion. My Globe confrere Geoff Edgers has been slaving away for some months now on a personal project, one which should warm the hearts of anyone who ever swooned to "Lola" or "Waterloo Sunset" (or, in my case, spent years searching high and low for a vinyl copy of "The Great Lost Kinks Album"). To wit: With Boston area filmmaker and all-around great dude Robert Patton-Spruill, Geoff is making a documentary about trying to coax Ray Davies and the other Kinks out of hiding and back onto the stage. Failing that, he hopes to get Ray on film. Failing that -- and Mr. Raymond Douglas Davies has long been one dyspeptic rock star when it comes to the press -- Geoff wants to talk to the many and storied musicians (Sting, Paul Weller, etc) who have been inspired by the Great Man.

It's not going particularly well, which is why it's going semi-brilliantly. As the delicious YouTube teaser below makes clear, "Do It Again" is becoming less a story of an undervalued pop genius and increasingly a comedy about chasing the ghost of that genius upstream through his influences and against the currents of benign (sometimes) industry neglect. Enjoy -- and hope this movie gets completed someday. Terry and Julie would want it that way.

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14 comments so far...
  1. Well, God save Geoff Edgers, tudor houses, china cups and virginity! Best of luck to him. But two questions:

    1) Pete (bass) and Mick (drums) have been out of the music biz for a while, haven't they? So aren't we afraid that if the Kinks reunited, the bottom half of the band would . . . suck?

    2) A Dr. Something-or-Other appears on that youtube video, from a band called the Del Fuegos. Weren't the Del Fuegos the band that disgraced themselves, and us, by taking money to tell the world that the city of Boston was as "real" as they were, and that they were as "real" as Miller Beer, which, by the way, is made the American way, a fact the Del Feugos then celebrated in a despicable song? Wasn't that the Del Fuegos?

    Posted by Chuck H November 4, 08 02:52 PM
  1. Ray Davies is playing at Lupos in Providence on Dec 10th. He has tried to get his brother back for a reunion, but Dave has been reluctant, and had a major stroke a few years ago.

    Posted by Tom Bouchard November 4, 08 03:03 PM
  1. REUNITE THEM!!!! What a great idea... I had 38 Kinks albums when i was an adolescent... Who was better than the Kinks in there day? Maybe the Beatles... :-)

    Posted by Bill Drom November 4, 08 04:06 PM
  1. "A comedy about chasing the ghost of that genius upstream through his influences"?
    As Pedro Bell once put it, "Too much concept."

    And why would anybody want to see a Kinks reunion at this point in time anyway?
    What would anyone gain from that?

    Posted by Yarn November 4, 08 07:32 PM
  1. If it could only be up to a fan vote, there'd be no question about either the film or the reunion! Unlike Roger Daltrey singing "Hope I die before I get old" at the age of 65, or Mick Jagger strutting his stuff to "I can't get no satisfaction" at 65 (albeit still able to strut it as well as anyone, with the possible exception of Tina Turner, who is older), the Kinks' music is absolutely timeless and ageless. A 68 year old Ray Davies playing "Village Green Preservation Society" and "Waterloo Station" (yeah, I get the Terry and Julie reference, duh) probably makes more sense than the 28 year old Ray Davies playing them. The Kinks' reflection of life in England works no matter what year it is. Let's hope that Ray and Dave can put together their differences (and then see about convincing Mike and Pete to forget how badly the Davies boys pissed them off!)

    Posted by Johnny Mo November 4, 08 09:42 PM
  1. God save the Kinks!

    Posted by ejm November 5, 08 06:56 AM
  1. The KinKs have given us and rock & roll some of, no make that the greatest music of all time. Their music has always been relevent and important from their 60's material right through their concept theatrical albums of the early 70's and in to the 80's and 90's with their more polished sound. I've yet to find a band that captures my attention and respect through every phase in their career as the KinKs. What ever happens I will always be proud to say I am a KinKs fan who has supported them from the beginning. I have seen them high and low...God Save the KinKs forever! - Frank Lima A Montvale, New Jersey Hillbilly Boy !

    Posted by Frank Lima November 5, 08 10:19 AM
  1. As plenty of people have said before, "the journey is the destination."

    If Geoff really wants to make this doc interesting, try to get Billie Joe Armstrong on camera and have him 'fess up to how many Kinks riffs he's stolen for Green Day tunes....

    Posted by flightjkt November 5, 08 01:27 PM
  1. Chuck--If you can find a single shot in that Miller commercial that includes Dr. Something-or-Other, I'd be happy to beg your forgiveness for a crime that disturbs you to this day. But, in the case that you can't (and you won't), then I await the moment in which you beg mine. Sounds like some tick of a resentment has been growing on the back of your neck for a few decades. Pop it and move on. Isn't this about the Kinks?

    Dr. Something-or-Other

    Posted by Dr. Something-or-Other November 5, 08 05:20 PM
  1. Well, I can't quite bring myself to beg your forgiveness, Doctor, but I'll try to mollify you as much as I can. First, as you point out, it has been several decades since I've seen this commercial, and I would certainly hate to see it again, even if it's on youtube. But if I did, I'm quite sure I would not be able to recognize you, or any other members of the Del Fuegos, as I know nothing of the band, except for its spirited rendering of "Miller's Made the American Way." Second, your diagnosis of a "tick of resentment" is presumptuous and - like so many long distance diagnoses - terribly wrong. Really, as a doctor, you should know better. I have not thought of that commercial, or of the del fuegos, in many years. But your loud appearance in that tape, in close proximity to Geoff's equally loud and emphatic denunciation of various mediocre commercial bands brought back that Miller ad like a bad smell. It used to be on television a LOT, Herr Doktor, usually when I was trying to unwind from a long , unlucky day at Suffolk Downs. Maybe I'm misremembering it, but what I recall really *was* loathsome: It was a little homily about rock-and-roll honesty, set to the tune of a jingle written by the Oak Ridge Boys on behalf of a multi-national corporation that sells addictive beverages. Do you not understand why somebody who treasures "Lola Versus Powerman and the Money-Go-Round" (me, that's to say) might find that both memorable and revolting? Finally, Doctor, allow me to point out that I did not accuse you of participating in this travesty - please re-read my post. I merely asked if the del fuegos were the band that did what I thought they done. And, I gather, they were, but you weren't complicit at that time. Good - I'm glad of that, as it proves that my memory still works,and that you will not have to spend half of eternity in rock-n-roll purgatory. So . . . let's be friends now. I'm serious: Let me apologise by buying you a Miller, or whatever you drink nowadays - the best sort of apology under the sun. Email me at (or get my private address from the blogmaser) and we'll work out the details. all best, Chuck H.

    Posted by Chuck H November 6, 08 03:43 AM
  1. Geoff...go for it, and while you're at it maybe you could help create the Kinks tribute CD I've been dreaming about for years (maybe decades). I mean a Kinks tribute featuring Kinks peers (contemporaries) covering the songs. Had a track listing once. Included Paul McCartney covering "Sitting in my Hotel",and a song of his choice. Elton John ,"Celluloid Heroes" and a song of his choice etc. You've already been in touch with Sting and Paul Weller. Contact me for other ideas.
    FYI to the above wonderer: Mick Avory's been playing for years in bands, including the Kast Off Kinks band.
    God Reunite The Kinks!
    God salvage Geoff's film.

    Posted by jim mello November 7, 08 04:25 PM
  1. I'm ambivalent about a Kinks reunion - it would have to be done just right to come off. Ray's been trying to find a good angle, rather than just trotting out the old gents to run through the back catalogue again.

    Posted by Paul C November 7, 08 06:27 PM
  1. The other Kinks want to reunite. The only question is Pete Quaife who is on dialysis. Dave has been saying for years that he is waiting for Ray. Now Ray is saying he is waiting for Dave. The hold up with Dave is that he can't sing and play guitar. He's recovered about 90 percent from his stroke, but his muscle memory doesn't allow him to sing and play at the same time with ease. But he is going to do a short tour on his own first when he is able.

    What I think will happen: The Kinks will reunite with Pete Quaife on Bass and Ian Gibbons on keyboards, but Pete will play only a few dates for cameos and hopefully a DVD. If the band continues after that it will be Jim Rodford. In fact, the "Kast-Off Kinks" play dates in England and Europe right now -- this is the core band without Ray and Dave. It's crazy -- up until Dave's stroke there were THREE touring bands all made up of former members to the Kinks who would play mainly old Kinks classics! The idea was that they would reunite when the time was right, but then Ray was shot in New Orleans by a mugger and suffered complications in his recovery and Dave had a major stroke.

    They are THE oldest band with all their original members surviving. So it would be a Guiness Book of World Records moment if they reunited with Pet eQuaife. I hope they do it. again. They were the best straightaway rock and roll show for several years in the late 1970s to 1980s. Ray is the greatest storyteller and showman on stage I have ever seen. A few years ago we went to see him in Atlanta. He took several minutes after the soundcheck a few hours before the show to meet fans in the parking lot and he signed autographs for everyone. He is a completely different person off stage -- very shy and ordinary. You can see that these are guys who live to perform, so I think a reunion is inevitable if they all survive.

    Posted by Jay Rogers November 17, 08 11:26 AM
  1. I don't think Geoff's interest is going to influence whether the Kinks reunite or not. This has been talked about by band members long before Geoff even considered trying to leech off of their success (See for example the March 6th Rolling Stone).

    The problem with reuniting is not that there aren't enough Arts & Entertainment writers working on it, but that Dave Davies had a stroke, Dave and Ray aren't getting along, Ray is already planning a separate tour for 2009, and neither Ray or Dave want to simply play old Kinks songs (They've said they'll only reunite if they can write new music worthy of a tour). Look for your 15 minutes of fame another way, Geoff.

    Furthermore, there are already at least two Kinks dvds coming out in January 2009 ("Life on the Road" and "Beat, Beat, Beat"). Another came out in 2008 (The Kinks: You Really Got Me), so while I really think Robert Patton-Spruill is talented (When will Turntable be released on DVD?!), I don't think we need a film about Geoff's imagined quixotic quest. He really has nothing to do with this.

    Posted by Critter November 25, 08 01:23 PM

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