The desk lamp blows a fuse

By Mark Feeney
Globe Staff / June 19, 2011

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“Cars 2’’ opens Friday. Pixar strikes again. So what might the ultimate feature from the animation studio look like?

Two lovable monsters drive a car that looks like a person. They got it by trading in a door that works as a portal to other worlds.

At a toy store they purchase two dolls, a cowboy and an astronaut.

The monsters admire two clownfish and a blue tang at an aquarium. Except that they meant to buy another toy. So they go back and get a cowgirl doll.

Now hungry, they drive to a French restaurant. Being monsters, they don’t mind that a rat runs the restaurant or that ants and grasshoppers infest the restaurant. What they do mind is that one of the grasshoppers sounds like a Honda ad. They find this unnerving, as does their car.

Their appetite gone, the monsters return to the toy store and buy a purple stuffed bear. They get in their car, only to have a balloon piloted by an old man and boy carry them off to the future. An adorable rubbish-collecting robot is about to put the monsters, their toys, their car, the balloon, and the old man and boy into the trash when a family of superheroes rescues them.

How did the superheroes get to the future? That’s the sequel.

Oh, and John Ratzenberger provides the car’s voice, and, yes, the credits list production babies.

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