The Last International Playboy

'International Playboy' is full of attractive images, but little else

Jason Behr (with Krysten Ritter) stars as a writer fixated on a lost love. Jason Behr (with Krysten Ritter) stars as a writer fixated on a lost love. (Brian Burgoyne)
By Joel Brown
Globe Correspondent / June 19, 2009
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Bright lights, self pity.

In “The Last International Playboy,’’ Jason Behr plays handsome, stubbled New York writer Jack Frost - yup, Jack Frost. He’s spent the last seven years partying with supermodels instead of writing a second novel. That’s because he’s trying to drown the torch that he’s carrying for his childhood sweetheart, the subject of his first book, who’s about to marry a jerk.

“What am I supposed to do?’’ he says.

“You’re supposed to be happy for me,’’ she says.

There’s only two ways this can end, of course. The two run off in the middle of her wedding (a la “The Graduate’’) or he grows up and wishes her well (a la “My Best Friend’s Wedding’’). Let’s not ruin the suspense here.

The movie was originally called “Frost,’’ but Behr doesn’t show us much under Jack’s emotionally frozen surface, even when he’s doing good works for his friends. Mike Landry, who’s also a producer, tries unsuccessfully to invoke a John Candy vibe as Jack’s obnoxious, horndog buddy. It should be said that the writers don’t give the actors much help making these guys appealing despite their flaws.

The women in Jack’s life are more interesting. Monet Mazur does her best with the pro forma role of the love of Jack’s life. Krysten Ritter (so good in “Breaking Bad’’) literally throws herself into the part of a self-destructive actress stumbling around on drink and drugs.

Lucy Gordon plays a smitten reporter who, disappointed by Jack, writes the scathing magazine story about him that gives the movie its title. She gives her character an edgy depth, but there’s a sadness hanging over the performance, as model and actress Gordon died in an apparent suicide in May.

The best performance is by India Innenga as Sophie, Jack’s 11-year-old neighbor. Sophie is a familiar movie type, the lonely, precociously perceptive child of absentee parents. She befriends Jack, and they both get something important from the relationship. She’s the only character in the movie you might actually want to meet.


Written By: Clark, Thomas Moffett

Starring: Jason Behr, Monet Mazur, Krysten Ritter, Lucy Gordon,

India Innenga

At: Kendall Square

Running time: 92 minutes

Unrated, but includes topless models and profanity.

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