Dance Flick

Tripping along in 'Dance Flick'

Damon Wayans Jr. (as Thomas) and Shoshana Bush (Megan) in ''Dance Flick.'' Damon Wayans Jr. (as Thomas) and Shoshana Bush (Megan) in ''Dance Flick.'' (Glen Wilson/Paramount Pictures)
By Danny Deza
Globe Correspondent / May 22, 2009
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If you thought the world couldn't get enough of bad spoof movies, you thought wrong.

The Wayans brothers once again are bringing back these comedies with their latest gem, "Dance Flick." In a movie that offers everything but real dancing, new faces Damon Wayans Jr., Shoshana Bush, and Essence Atkins battle with rivals using dance moves that deliver low-blow jokes and cheap laughs. From a break dancing newborn to men dressed up in leotards, you definitely get what you asked for when you watch director Damien Wayans's new movie.

The film pokes fun at old teen movies like "Step-Up," "Hairspray" and "Flash Dance," putting "Dance Flick" on the same shelf as its forgotten satire counterparts; "Not Another Teen Movie," "Epic Movie" and "Scary Movie."

In a spoof twist of 2001's "Save the Last Dance," a young street dancer, Thomas Uncles (Wayans Jr.) takes the new girl in town, Megan White (Bush), under his wing as his dance pupil and tries to help her achieve her lost dreams of being accepted into Juilliard. After many obstacles standing in Megan's way (freak accidents, overweight gangsters, and her lack of rhythm), she eventually finds herself dancing with her spunky loudmouthed sidekick, Charity (Atkins), and Thomas in the mother of all dance battles between the two rival dance groups in the city.

Throughout "Dance Flick," scenes quickly turn into a Wayans family reunion as writers Shawn, Marlon, and Keenan Wayans pass the comedy torch to their nephew, Damon. The brothers also make their cameos, play ridiculous characters, and appear in multiple flashbacks that don't even get a chuckle. The film promises mind-numbing one-liners, crude humor, and dumb moments that you can't help but laugh at because they are unbelievably horrible.

DANCE FLICK Directed by: Damien Wayans

Starring: Damon Wayans Jr., Shoshana Bush, and Essence Atkins.

Running time: 83 minutes

Rated: PG-13 (crude and sexual content, and language)