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Sequel opts for the same menu

Is it time already for "Eating Out 2"? How can that be when I haven't fully rinsed my brain of "Eating Out"? And that was more than two years ago. Oh well.

This sequel, with the return of the first movie's insatiably slutty Los Angeles collegians, is as vulgar as its predecessor and just as almost-smart. That's a big "almost," since this comedy's ideas about the laws of attraction go out the window anytime a guy threatens to take off his shirt. Which is always.

The most frequently exposed chest in "EO2" (whose apt subtitle is "Sloppy Seconds") belongs to Troy (Marco Dapper ), a nude model. A wholesome farm boy, Troy thinks he might be gay and wants to go back in the closet. As a ploy for intimacy, hapless Kyle (Jim Verraros ) pretends to hate himself, too, taking Troy to the campus ex-gay meetings and pretending that his shamelessly horny roommate Tiffani (Rebekah Kochan ) is his girlfriend.

Kyle's ex, Marc (Brett Chukerman ), gets wind of this scheme and befriends the would-be ex-gay and tries to instill in him some pride. (Marc tells Troy he's not his type. He's fibbing: as Tiffani might say, Troy is everybody's type.) But this piece of meat has feelings. Trust me, though, they don't get in the way of the feel-ups and rubdowns of the sub-"Dangerous Liaisons" action.

Q. Allan Brocka wrote and directed the inaugural "Eating Out." That movie's editor, Phillip J. Bartell, wrote and directed its sequel. There's no ostensible difference between them. Bartell's movie does feature Mink Stole as Kyle's mom, and the dialogue can be sharp and vicious -- there are some nice gags about bogus sexualities and ex-gay hypocrisy that are perfect for our Ted Haggard times.

Otherwise, "Sloppy Seconds" is another porn-com. Striving simultaneously for your arousal and your amusement, it's as dirty and dumb as it wants to be. If only the queens on "Noah's Arc" could be this nasty.