‘Far From Vietnam’ still hits close to home

“Far From Vietnam” (1967) is the collaboration of several auteur filmmakers.
“Far From Vietnam” (1967) is the collaboration of several auteur filmmakers.ICARUS FILMS

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Far From Vietnam

Though the country is more than 8,000 miles away and US involvement in the war ended 40 years ago, we are still not all that far from Vietnam, notwithstanding the title of the 1967 multi-auteur collaboration, “Far From Vietnam.” Iraq, Afghanistan, and the specter of Syria suggest that the United States has yet to learn its lesson about entering distant, unwinnable conflicts, whatever the humanitarian or ideological motives.

But we are, for better and worse, far from a cultural period in which so many world-class filmmakers would put their politics and aesthetics on the line in such an effort. Alternately strident and eloquent, muddled and incisive, “Far From Vietnam” remains compelling both as artful propaganda and as a prophetic historical artifact.

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