Baz Luhrmann’s eyepopping vision of ‘Gatsby’

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The Great Gatsby

At its best — which, sadly, isn’t often enough — Baz Luhrmann’s version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel is a scandal. It’s also, in event and emotion (if not period fidelity), the most faithful movie version of the book to date. The two are not unconnected. Leonardo DiCaprio gives us the full Gatsby, assured yet insecure, and he’s magnificent, but the movie ends up romanticizing what Fitzgerald spent the book de-romanticizing.

Anyone who has seen “Moulin Rouge” knows that Luhrmann lives for excess, and he delivers in the movie’s opening hour, aided immeasurably by the eye-popping costumes and production design of wife Catherine Martin. But over-length, a swooningly indulged love story, and a fatuous Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway bring it low. In 3-D. Full story for subscribers.

--Ty Burr, Globe Staff

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