Family Filmgoer

The middle ground

Iron Man 3 (125 min., PG-13) Robert Downey Jr. is back as Tony Stark, everyone’s favorite playboy/superhero. Most of the mayhem, from explosions to fist fights, is thunderous and destructive, but not graphic. A group of people are sucked out of a damaged Air Force One and seem to be falling to their deaths. A key character plunges into a raging fire. There is very little profanity. Tony engages in lots of mildly naughty verbal sexual innuendo, and a flashback implies he spends the night with a fellow scientist.

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Mud (130 min., PG-13) Matthew McConaughey is a murderer on the lam hiding out on an island in the Mississippi. He’s befriended by two 14-year-old boys. The film’s climax features a lethal shoot-out, though none of the deaths is depicted graphically. A child sustains a life-threatening snakebite. The boys use the S-word a lot, and the script includes some crude sexual slang and references to “doin’ it.” An angry young woman complains about something—never described—a man wanted to do in the bedroom. Bruises on woman’s face indicate she’s been abused by a boyfriend.

No Place on Earth (82 min., PG-13) A documentary about a Jewish family who hid from the Nazis during World War II in a Ukrainian cave. The film re-enacts very little violence, but in one upsetting scene German soldiers raid the first cave the families lived in and take some of them away. It is not very violent, but the fear in the children’s eyes is heart -rending. In another scene, a military officer shoots—nongraphically—two captured family members. Moviegoers with claustrophobia may find scenes in the caves unsettling.

Oblivion (126 min., PG-13) Tom Cruise patrols a ravaged, depopulated Earth in 2077. The film contains little graphic violence, but a lot of loud aerial warfare and gunfights. One swimming scene involves backview nudity. The script includes rare profanity.


The Angels’ Share (101 min., unrated) This British comedy is far too profane and full of crude behavior for under-17s. The language is scathingly profane. Characters even when doing nothing, engage in crass and downright unhygienic behavior. The film includes a couple of quick but harsh fistfights. Some characters use drugs.

The Big Wedding (90 min., R) This matrimonial comedy contains too much bawdiness for most high school-age teens. The film includes brief female nudity, a few explicit sexual situations, strong profanity and sexual slang.

Disconnect (115 min., R) Several people’s lives intersect through the Web and social media. The film contains semi-explicit depictions of teenagers interacting sexually online with paying adults. These scenes include female toplessness and underage males in partial undress and exploitative settings. Dialogue features crude and explicit sexual slang, and other strong profanity. The story includes a teen suicide attempt. It also has instances of non-lethal violence.

Pain & Gain (120 min., R) Michael Bay tries his hand at comedy. The film features several scenes with strong and bloody violence, including implied torture, skulls cracked by metal weights, running someone over and setting him on fire. Even dead bodies have hands hacked off and burned in an attempt to destroy evidence. A couple of characters use cocaine. The film includes visually explicit and verbally crude sexuality, including one graphic sexual situation, and other sexually tinged scenes involving female toplessness and other near-nudity. The script brims with strong profanity.