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'Passions of The Christ'

The controversial Mel Gibson movie is set for a theatrical release on Feb. 25. No one has seen it yet, but everyone seems to have strong feelings about this film.

What are your thoughts on the film? Will you see it? Will you boycott it? Maybe you think it's just a film, and all this hub-bub is unnecessary. Let us know.

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Don't let someone else (critic's, reviews, message boards, tv reporters) sculpt your opinon of this movie. Go see it for yourself and come up with your own impression. It amazes me how so many people are sheep and can't seem to think for themselves.

Babs, Anytown, USA

I am a Christian and I am very excited about seeing this movie!!! I think Mel Gibson is an excellent director/producer and think very fondly of him for making such a movie in todays world and bravery for doing so also!! Those complaining it is anti-semetic (?) should go see it before they open there mouth!!! God Bless All!!!

Melody, New Hampshire

It's just a movie. James Carroll has his particular vision of Christianity, and condemns what he is unable to appreciate. Critics point to historical flaws, as if the various writers of the so-called Gospels weren't writing generations after the fact.

There is something to be said for the notion that, while the Jewish religious class would be called racists and ultranationalists these days, because they are Jewish, and the Jews have been subject to disgusting abuse largely because, ultimately, of the Christ story, perhaps Gibson should at least have made it clear that Jesus was himself Jewish

Still, the protest seems to be about portraying the Jewish religious leaders poorly, and frankly, that's a on-argument. Religious jerks, be they Cardinal Law, or Caiphus, shouldn't be exempted from criticism for extraneous reasons.

Another thing is, for us few "pagans" about - the whole myth begins with the notion of the Jews as the "Chosen" - and while this is widely misunderstood, it still comes from a narrow-minded arrogance that has filtered down through time to Christian and Muslims who falsely believe they and they alone know the mind of God, and suppose that 'God' has a single conscious mind like a human.

As a reconstructionist Druid, I find such beliefs pitiable.

Kevin, Milton

Just what we need, more violent entertainment.

Will Mad Max follow through with a film adaptation of the Islamic Prophet Mohammed?

Mark, Marblehead

My opinion on this movie...I have not seen it, I don't know if I will.

I have seen "Jesus of Nazerath" it is extremely good....

I have read an article on J. Carrol...if Mel Gibson, did do his homework correclty...which I am not sure how or if he did..he wouldn't say that Pontous Pilate was a good man..for anyone that commits someone to be killed..just to please the crowd is a "coward" and not stand up for himself, even if he has to stand "alone". Also, Pontous Pilate doesn't give Jesus a drink of water, but of vinager..if Mel Gipson reads the "Passion" in the Bible...he would have realized that Pontous Pilate felt bad after he condemed Jesus (the man must have a concious then) and we don't even know if he was were did he get all of this information. The "Bible" in Latin means a collection of history books..written for us. Were did Mel Gibson get his "Bible", or for that matter did he go to "Vatican City", to read up on it...The "Bible", is the same in any religion, but, it's how we interpret it..

Nancy, Fall River,MA

When Schindler's List came you didn't hear the Germans complaining that it made them look bad. Why does Mel's movie have to be picked apart by the Jew's? He didn't make up the story he is just re-telling it!

Toni, boston

I think several of the comments demanding "you people" to take it easy miss the fundamental point. Or perhaps they don't, but simply don't care, which wouldn't really surprise me.

"Passion Plays" have historically been used to rile up anti-Jewish hatred and violence throughout history. The Catholic Church ended up going so far as to condemn the false depiction of Jews as a bloodthirsty throng demanding a sympathetic Pilate execute a man he liked. The historical truth shows Pilate as a brutal overlord, with a powerless, Roman-ruled Jewish community divided over the issue of this particular messiah as they were divided over the many Jewish people who claimed to be messiahs during the ancient period.

"Passion Plays", or this movie specifically, are not dangerous because they throw around the word "kike." They are dangerous because they depict unbearable, mindnumbing violence to a Christian audience, show a throng of dark-haired, olive-skinned Semites foaming at the mouth with joy as Pilate holds back tears of empathy and regret. "Passion Plays" tell uneducated audiences: "Your God has been murdered, in the most brutal fashion in human history. Guess who did it?"

I had hoped that Passion Plays were a thing of the past. Whether Catholic and Protestant readers want to believe this or not, as a Jewish person who knows countless other Jewish people: we don't want you to stop reading your Bible, we don't want you to stop going to Church...your religion is your business, and here's to hoping you get solace and comfort from your faith. But I think my father, who grew up in Boston in the 1960s, would like not have been called a Christ killer by Irish kids on his way to school and beat up. Yes, I said right here in Boston, and I said the 1960s, not Romania in the 1550s. I don't want my children to ever be called Christ killers in their lives. Call us overly "sensitive" if you want, but the pain of "The Passion" is real and recent to us.

Nobody wants to get in the way of Gibson's freedom of expression. All I--all we--wish is that are Christian friends and neighbors weren't so hostile to legitimate concerns over what the film depicts, and what an ugly, false depiction of Jews that rear its ugly head into the mainstream again might lead to.

Andrew, Brookline

Mel Gibson is a hack. I can't imagine he has anything to add to the life and death of Jesus other than his disturbing fetish for gore (see Braveheart). I find it humorous that the fundamentalist conservatives who so usually criticize Hollywood for their depiction of violence would support a film that from all accounts rivals the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in its use of gore.

I will not see this movie not because it is supposedly controversial but because I cannot imagine it is anything other than shallow, gorey and only historically accurate when it suits Gibson's aesthetic and politics.

Ned, JP

this only proves how insane religion truly is. everybody gets all up in arms over "their" god or how "their" religion is depicted. it's all about them. yet not a single one of them lives as their religion demands they do. they''re all hypocrites. religion is the root of all the world's problems in my opinion. yet if you look at almost every single religion, at the center of it is the same thought of love, compassion, and caring for your fellow man/woman. how about we just focus on that and leave all this other mumbo jumbo out of it? i am so amused by the outrage. can everybody just get over themselves?

jp, boston

I think it should be seen. We who profess faith in Christ should see if Mel Gibson properly portrays the true intent of the suffering Jesus endured; to be an acceptable sacrifice to God for the sins of all Mankind.

If the movie relays this to its audience, it will be a great success.

If it fails, then it will be a great shame and a waste of an opportunity to reach out to non-believers.

Mike , Scituate

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