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'Passions of The Christ'

The controversial Mel Gibson movie is set for a theatrical release on Feb. 25. No one has seen it yet, but everyone seems to have strong feelings about this film.

What are your thoughts on the film? Will you see it? Will you boycott it? Maybe you think it's just a film, and all this hub-bub is unnecessary. Let us know.

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I will not see the film in the theatre, but I will consider renting it on DVD through my Netflix subscription.

I would do this because the story is truly the greatest story ever told. If it makes people think about the gospels and the sacrafices many made than so much the better. However, where was Mel Gibson's ardent Catholocism when he was blowing things up, shooting people, and sleeping with women who were not his wife in many of his movies? Could it be now that he's older, and the public does not really see him as leading man material any more the reason?? If he has gone back to a more strict Catholicism and it brings him and his family peace while not sacraficing the rights of others to believe as they will than I am fine with that. However, he seems very much an opportunist. Why open the film on Ash Wednesday? Wouldn't an ardent Catholic have more important things to do on that day?

I don't need teachings in religion or religious guidance from Mel Gibson.

JD, Franklin, MA

It should be called "The Passion of Fiction". Noone really knows what happened back then. Gibson was obviouly brainwashed on what he thinks happened. Has he ever stared or directed something that really took place. All this media hype is ridiculous.

Albe, Braintree

No, I will not see it.

kim, watertown, ma

I think this movie will have an effect on alot of people. I'm glad Mel Gibson had the courage to bring it to the screen. The way the story is told is the way it happened in the bible, so if people can't deal with seeing Christ on the cross with blood and nails in his hands.......Just remember Christ did that for all mankind. Everyone should see this movie.

Tonya, East Boston

We, as a church group, have tickets. I look at it as a piece of Hollywood with poetic license. It probably has historical basis, but it seems that the hysterical and sensational have won over.


Dear Editor,

Why all the waste? I'm sure many people must be asking themselves that question about Mr. Gibson's new movie "The Passion of the Christ." Why pour a $25 million spikenard on a Jesus nobody believes in anymore? Perhaps I am a bit presumptuous when I say, "because Mr. Gibson believes in Him, and he loves Him." And that is enough.

But Mr. Gibson's film is more than a testimony to the love and faith of one actor or group of actors. Mr. Gibson's film will be a success not because it makes millions at the box office or because it receives the acclaim of the critics. Only one criteria will measure the success or failure of Mr. Gibson's film and one criteria alone -- does it make us love God more. If the only result of Mr. Gibson's film is to make one rich CEO on Wall Street or one poor homeless man in Boston love God more, it will have been worth every penny.

There are many James Carroll's in the world who will think Mr. Gibson's film is too blinded by faith to see the facts. They do not believe except they see, and even when they see, they still do not believe. They are the critics, the cynics; the Voltaires and the Nietches; the people who know "the price of everything and the value of nothing."

Stephen, Arlington

i have no interest in this boring and boorish piece of dung posing as something

of spiritual and religious relevance.

Doug, Cambridge

Those who say "get a life, it's a movie" are either ignorant to the history of anti-semitism or I think more likely don't care that this movie might cause/confirm anti-semitism. While I find the movie offensive and dangerous, I have to agree that Mel Gibson has the freedom of speech to put out whatever he wants, as much as I might diagree. But with free speech comes the responsibility of both the positive and negative consequences that result from it. If Mel Gibson has the right to put out his revisionist history of what happened, knowing full well the unfair impact it will have on views of jews, then certainly those of us who disagree with his views have the right to express our opinion.


This is one (of many) persons interpretations of an event that took place thousands of years ago. Only God himself could direct an accurate portrayal and if he did, there would still be hordes of critics. If you think the movie will offend you then don't see it. And SHUTUP.

Peter, Sudbury

So I have read a number of the postings here and I must say that I am equally frightened by the apathy as I am the stupidity of the people who have commented here. Let's set the record straight. Jesus was born and died a Jew. Jesus was trying to create a new sect of judaism, not a new religion. The rabbis were angry/afraid of what he was doing and in those days, if you didn't like what people did, you got them killed.

Fact - the Jews had a hand in Jesus' death.

Fact - the Romans (not the Jews) killed Jesus.

Fact - the cross is a Roman artifact.

Any thoughts to the contrary are historically inaccurate and incorrect.

Piel, Cambridge

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