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'Passions of The Christ'

The controversial Mel Gibson movie is set for a theatrical release on Feb. 25. No one has seen it yet, but everyone seems to have strong feelings about this film.

What are your thoughts on the film? Will you see it? Will you boycott it? Maybe you think it's just a film, and all this hub-bub is unnecessary. Let us know.

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Of course.

pol, cambridge

I will see the movie. However, I don't expect the media, especially the liberal media, to to recommend the movie. Liberals don't like and are anti-Christianity.

Movie Watcher, Boston, MA

As a Jew, I think the point that should be taken from all of this is that it is important to maintain an open dialogue... no matter what your belief. I haven't seen the movie, and I don't particularly care if Mel Gibson or his movie is anti-semetic (though it is an unsettling thought). One of our American "doctrines" is the right to freedom of speech. This movie reflects that right, and this message board reflects that right. Keep talking about these issues, keep an open mind and make informed decisions, and we won't ever become complacent to a point whereby anti-semetism (or anti-catholicism, or anti-anygroup) will result in massacre, senseless killing and slander while we're looking the other direction.

I am looking forward to seeing this movie so that I may form an intelligent opinion of it, and so that I may continue to engage in dialogues which bring contending points of view to the table. For those of you who say to "chill out, it's just a movie" - that is also your opinion, but I believe it to be a dangerous one.

Rachel, Somerville

I will see this movie along with my mother, my son and my best friend.

Jesus died on the cross for our sins. This is not a made up story. It is rooted deep into our hearts if we truely believe that Jesus died for our sins. Jesus gave up his life willingly to save all of us. If you didn't believe then..I am sure after seeing this movie you will believe now!

Jeannie, Belmont

Christ's message in the New Testament was love, kindness, forgiveness. It's shameful to pollute the gentle message of God and his Son with depictions of brutal violence and carnage. Instead of showing the beautiful, healing message of Christianity, this movie shows the darkest and bloodiest, the part that has least to do with His message of Peace.

Jessica, Boston

I knew Gibson had a Christ complex after sitting through "Braveheart", when his glorification of violence and sadomasochism became quite apparent.

The only thing still puzzling me is why Gibson did not take the lead role in his latest abomination. Surely an incredible act of will power on his part.

Bonnie, Worcester

I have been waiting for someone in this Post-Modern age to have the bravery to depict the truth without fear of offending. I do intend to see "The Passion of the Christ" and pray that Gibson stays true to the words of God Himself in the Gospels.

We are all offended when confronted with the truth of Christ's sacrifice, whether we read it in the Scriptures, hear it from the pulpit, or see it in a dramatization. The Cross convicts us all, Jew and Gentile alike. What is missed in the frenzied "blame game" going on in the popular media is that the Cross also saves us, each and every one. Will the film fuel anti-Semitism? Perhaps, but anti-Semites will find a way to spread their hatred with or without "The Passion". Let us not hide the truth, in all its detail, for the sake of (maybe) dulling a sentiment that exists regardless.

I pray that every movie-goer looks at "The Passion" and sees the reality of Christ's sacrifice. Our sins cannot just be forgotten; they must be FORGIVEN, and that forgiveness requires payment that only a sinless man could make. Look at the man bleeding and realize that He not only bled for you, He lives for you. See your own hands nailing Him to the Cross at Golgotha, then go home, read the true Word, and begin this Lenten season by thanking Him for the ultimate sacrifice, born from the highest love. Be offended, repent, and be loved.

Sarah, MA

No. The movie's historically inaccurate. Pilate was a vicious cruel man who didn't bat an eye at crucifying another Jew. The road was lined with crucified Jews. Since JC was a Jew and all those others were too, and so were JC's earliest followers and other Jews then had nothing to do with it, "blaming" it on Jews is plain stupid. Gibson portrays Pilate as being sympathetic and reluctant, thereby shifting the blame.

Amy, Boston




NB, South Easton

It is what it is. The story is portrayed without pulling punches. If the Jews look bad, so didn't the portrayals of whites beating slaves in that era. The only down side of the story that I can see is that maybe too much dwelling on the brutal part of the story was made.

jonny , chelsea

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