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'Passions of The Christ'

The controversial Mel Gibson movie is set for a theatrical release on Feb. 25. No one has seen it yet, but everyone seems to have strong feelings about this film.

What are your thoughts on the film? Will you see it? Will you boycott it? Maybe you think it's just a film, and all this hub-bub is unnecessary. Let us know.

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What's wrong with a film production based on generally accepted facts. Or does the public prefer to watch two men having a conversation while standing at a urinal using profanity to the max!

jonny, chelsea

I think critics are forgetting an essential part of this story... Jesus himself prayed to God before he died asking God to forgive those who were responsible for this... If this movie is anti-semetic, then Mel Gibson would have changed the script to have Jesus say, "those damn jews, I hope you plague them all!" Which DIDN'T happen. The point is, that Jesus endured all this torture (neither side disagrees), yet STILL forgave them... and the rest of humanity. I agree with something someone else said... If it hadn't happened, there would be no salvation (for those of us who call ourselves Christians). So I raise my glass to the Jews and to the Romans and say, "thanks for helping to make my salvation possible!" So-called Christians who trash the Jews just don't get it... there would be no Christianity if Jesus hadn't died on the cross! Forgive Forgive Forgive!

Melissa G., Tewksbury

I only wish that Quentin Tarantino had made this film. That would be a story. Perhaps it would be told out of sequence and at the end Jesus and Judas would be going off to get some breakfast together.

Bobby the Tooth, Woburn, MA

This is a movie not the bible. It is one man's interpretation. It may heal by making people realize faith. We as man have done terrible things Look at the slaves in this country. Did we have this uproar when ROOTS came out.

Eva, Taunton

History is what it is. I think the public deserves more credit - when I see movies on the Holocaust, I don't blame or dislike Germans, when I see movies on slavery, I don't judge or blame all whites. History is what it is, and the goal is to hopefully learn from past mistakes so we can hope for a better future. I really don't believe this should influence how people view the Jewish community. If anything, I think it will hopefully make people more accepting and tolerant of our differences.

erin frances, quincy

Controversy? What controversy? If Mel wanted to make a movie that was about controversy he would have directed a documentary about A-Rod this off season.

Spike, Bridgewater

In reading what people have already written in response, I have become even more concerned with what this movie could mean. Someone wrote that Germans killed Jews and nobody says we can't talk about that. The difference is that since the moment Jesus died, Jews have been persecuted and murdered because of the belief that they were responsible for Jesus' death. I don't believe that it's that common for pogroms to occur against German communities around the world in response to the Holocaust. There are also people from that generation still living who can discuss it with absolute truth. Nobody really knows, however, the absolute truth of Jesus' death. I am all for films and books that generate discussion on historical and religious issues. To me, however, this film has the potential to become propaganda for anti-semites around the world whose communities are already growing stronger and more violent in recent years. I would prefer that what happened to my ancestors in Russia in th 1800's or those in Spain during the Inquisition is not given a reason to occur again. I believe that the movie should be shown, with some kind of statement by Mel Gibson himself at the beginning, urging people not to use his art to further violence and hatred.

Karen, Somerville

From what I understand, this movie was based on the 4 books of the new what's the fuss, I don't see many people up in arms over the this not what the movie reflects ? I've always felt that we learn and grow to be better to one another, and we do this by understanding our past, asking for and giving forgiveness is what this movie is really telling don't have to be of any faith to get this point don't you think

Chris, Westboro

I am looking forward to seeing this movie, and will form my own opinion after I see it. It is an important story to be told, and not one to be seen by the weak hearted. Jesus died for us, give him a couple of hours back , by going to see the film.

Pepper Levine, Revere

It's a MOVIE. Say it with me people... M O O V I E E E. Don't like what it's about? Go see Miracle or 50 First Dates...something uplifting or funny. Your choice.

Dan, Boston

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