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'Passions of The Christ'

The controversial Mel Gibson movie is set for a theatrical release on Feb. 25. No one has seen it yet, but everyone seems to have strong feelings about this film.

What are your thoughts on the film? Will you see it? Will you boycott it? Maybe you think it's just a film, and all this hub-bub is unnecessary. Let us know.

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I will absolutely go see it. From the things I've heard, I believe Mel Gibson has made the life of Jesus Christ so real, that it will be impossible to not be affected (whether negatively or positively). I expect to be affected positively, hoping to have a real visual of what the Cross experience was really like. If the Bible says he was unrecognizable on that cross, it's about time someone was bold enough to show him like that and not just a trickle of blood rolling down his face.

Linda Ross, Chicago, IL

I will surely see this film. I hope that this film opens the eyes for many nonbelievers. Afterall, only someone who loves us that much would accept the torture he recieved to save the world from their sins., O'Fallon

I plan on seeing this movie as a family. The ever growing popular sentiment seems to be that if it doesn't portray a minority in a popular manner then it must not be true. "Blackhawk Down" was another that was boycotted because of the shame of how savage people can be.

I look forward with anticipation to seeing this movie. I applaud Mel Gibson for making this much controversial dipiction of Jesus last 12 hours. The minority is turning into the majority and would have Biblical or religious material of any sort forever banned.

Thank You,

Monica Tutt

M. R. Tutt, Jacksonville, Fl

Give me a break, it is a movie. Movies are portrayed for everything else, I.E. Holocaust, slavery, war what is the difference people need to get of the conservative right wing and grow up

Robert, Boston

This movie is about how Jesus voluntarily submitted himself to torture and death as a show of love for all people. It is not about "who killed Jesus". It is not a murder mystery. God's message of love and redemption through the death and resurrection of Jesus would not have been received if Jesus did not die. The actual people involved in his death is irrelevant. The suffering, death and resurrection is the only point that matters.

Susan, Hingham

Finally something of value out of Hollywood. They put out so much trash that something worth seeing, however controversial ,will be welcome.

Beatty, Lake Charles, La

I saw the interview and I am looking forward to the movie. Theis is not the first movie to depict the last days of Christ so what is the big deal?

This is not Anti- Jew. It is Pro Christian. His faith in God is so strong he felt driven to make this film. Why after 2000 years would this movie suddenly turn people against Jews? What about Romans? Pilate was Roman and now the head of the Catholic church lives in the middle of them.

The the people that think this movie is wrong "Don't see it" But ease up on Mel Gibson. He has the FREEDOM to make any movie, any way he wants. If you really think about it All movies can be determined to be ANTI-SOMETHING.

Maureen, Norfolk

I will absolutely see Gibson's film and hope to engage those protesting the film in conversation, especially as film functions as an ideological medium that informs not only public opinion, but also individual rhetoric. I'm not against people protesting the film; however, I do hope they see what they're protesting first. Ignorance is damning.

I'd love to see theatres show Scorsese's interpretation of Christ followed by Gibson's and then a roundtable discussion featuring Biblical as well as film scolars.

Jay, brighton

This is yet another fictional movie based on fact. Is it any more accurate than "The Ten Commandments or The Robe?" It's a bible story interpreted by Hollywood, with all the bells and whistles necessary to draw an audience willing to pay $10.00 to see it. Regarding the "controversey" and Diane Sawyer's interview, it's all hype to promote a movie that the majority of viewers would probably skip, choosing lighter, more entertaining faire. Mel Gibson seems to think that has insight into his religion that is greater than that of the general population. He's a pompous, ego-driven Hollywood actor that could care less about the ramifications of his film. Sad to say but we don't need Mel Gibson to fuel anti-semitism in this world. I doubt he could care less if that is a bi-product of this movie as he seems to hold himself in the same light as Christ! It would be nice if the media would give us all a break and move on to more creative, entertaining and note-worthy films.

DLG, Boston

I think people are making much ado about nothing. As a while person, I've seen movies where Germans and Japanese kill Americans, Indians kill white people and blacks killing whites and it has no influence over how I feel about these people. You can't judge a whole group of people because of some. There were a lot of Jewish people who were for Christ too. That's just the way it happened. What is he supposed to do, say the French did it?

Debbie, Norwood

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