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'Passions of The Christ'

The controversial Mel Gibson movie is set for a theatrical release on Feb. 25. No one has seen it yet, but everyone seems to have strong feelings about this film.

What are your thoughts on the film? Will you see it? Will you boycott it? Maybe you think it's just a film, and all this hub-bub is unnecessary. Let us know.

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I won't see it. The story has been told countless times. Adding blood and guts to it ala Hollywood style just doesn't do it for me. Mel, stick to Lethal Weapon.

George, boston

James Carroll needs to get a is what it is....a movie...

Brian, Saugus

I am planning to see it. I do not feel that other people should tell me how I should react to it, I am able to form my own opinions.

All this talk about it stirring up anti-Semitic sentiment is far fetched. In my lifetime I have been treated very unfairly, even badly by people who identified themselves as Jewish, and I am not anti-semitic per se. I do tend to be wary in some dealings with them, because they don't see non-Jews the same.

The mother of a teen age friend of mine actually asked her daughter (in front of us) why she was bringing "filthy goyim" into her house.

Being wary is not the same as hating them, which is what "anti-semitic" has come to mean. If anything, I pity them for their lack of charity (love) for those different from themselves.

Why does no one question their hatred of non-Jews? Hatred goes both ways.

Cindy, Boston, MA

I don't believe that Mel Gibson is anti-semitic. I also have a great respect for Gibson's own artistry and "passion" for making this film and others. However I shutter when I read that there are those who believe that this story will be historically accurate. The gospels were politicized versions of actual events and are not consistent with the historical record. If people see this film, I hope they keep that in mind. (Last weeks Newsweek did a very meticulous cover story on the record from the gospels verse the historical record for those interested.)

What bothered me more was Gibson's own apparent lack of interest (from what I could tell from his Sawyer interview) in understanding the difference between the two different versions of events, as well as the possible consequences of presenting his version. To me, he appears to be a true believer. I have no doubt that his intentions in making this film are noble ones and are consistent with his faith. However, I think Gibson the artist is taking too little responsibility for his work and how it may affect the general masses. This is not the first film Gibson has made that takes the historical record lightly, a la Braveheart, but the difference between the two is gigantic. To make a movie about the death of Christ, something that deeply touches millions of people, and to present the facts as something other then what they actually are, I believe is both manipulative and gravely irresponsible. There are many on this board whose attitude is "Hey, it's just a movie". In many cases I would agree, but as someone was raised Catholic and has witnessed the emotion and the passion of how this story effects many people, I do worry. So I will not see this film but instead will wait for it to come to HBO.

Also, I think Gibson would have better served Christians and Non-Christians alike, if he had not focused entirely on the death of Jesus, but had focused on his life as well.

Kevin, Somerville

I can't help but react negatively to the media's hype towards the possibility of anti-semitism. When I look back at other films such as "Pearl Harbor", "Black Hawk Down", and virtually any other recent war movie that depicts the United States' historical battles, it quickly becomes clear to me that these films also instigate a feeling of anger towards different ethnic groups. "The Passion of the Christ" doesn't differ from these movies in the sense that they are all depictions of historical events. The difference is found in the fact that it may not be the Jews that will be persecuted because of this movie but the Christians. It is a very popular movement in the United States right now to disregard the religious beliefs that our country was founded upon. Our own president is constantly being attacked because of his prayer meetings with his cabinet members. When it comes right down to it, the criticisms of the "Passion" movie are not inspired by preventing anti-semitism but in fact are created solely for the purpose of attacking Christianity.

Zane, Sandy

So we're all running around crying, "Anti-Semitism! Anti-Semitism!" because Gibson's take is that Jesus, a Jew, was crucified at the behest of a bunch of people who lived in Israel, also known as Jews.

Hmm... I don't recall everyone getting all worked up about Schindler's List. Matter of fact, that got voted "Best Picture." And what did that movie depict? Oh, a whole lot of German people (who happened to be Jewish) being rounded up and murdered by a much bigger group of Germans (who weren't Jews.)

So in other words, I guess it looks like some facts are ok to remember, but others aren't.

Speaking of facts, let's face a few:

1) Since time began, some people have murdered others.

2) Also since the beginning of time, publicists, historians, and artists have put a spin on historical events. Yes, everyone has an agenda.

3) Recognizing the inevitability of #2, the framers of our constitution came up with this novel thought: it's called the Right to Free Speech.

Anonymous, Wakefield, MA

No way. I have no desire to see an overtly violent and bloody portrayal of anything. I would probably spend most of my time with my eyes closed or passed out from the graphic depictions.

Laura, Brighton

'The Passion of the Christ’ will no doubt be a truly profound message to many. It is not anti -Semitic, how could it be? The story is a true one, and the Jewish know that it is written in the Bible - they are the chosen ones - they will be persecuted, as will all followers of Christ. And history has proven that what was written has and will be fulfilled.

After following the reviews, trailers, interviews - and comments and opinions... I will definitely be one to see this film.

The impact of Mel Gibson's controversial illustration is much needed in our society. It is my prayer that many will come to realize they are wrong to scorn the Lord and His word. Jesus Christ was sent to us, as a living sacrifice - our only hope of salvation. He died for you and for me, and we are the ones who did the torturing.

The violence depicted in Gibson's interpretation of the crucifixion of The Christ is a true reflection of history. The priests of the Sanhedrin and the crowds did get violent in their intentions - it was a brutal - yet beautiful sacrifice. To think that our Father gave his son, who in essence was the living God, to die in such a cruel, hideous way because we are all sinners.

What a penalty has been paid for my eternal life!! What a "witness" to the lost and seeking, Mel Gibson has created!


Well, Well, Well,

What I don't understand is we are so quick to accept everything for truth that isn't truth, but when in fact someone (Mel Gibson) does there homework and wants to tell the real TRUTH of the Death of OUR Lord Jesus Christ and how he died for OUR (MY) sins and gave HIMSELF that we will have EVERLASTING LIFE. We seem to throw that ALL away. We believe George Washington was the First President of the United State Right???

Then face FACTS people The Lord Jesus Christ Died to SAVE us from our sins. It doesn't matter Who put him to Death (although if you read your BIBLES you would know). What matters is he GAVE HIMSELF willingly and he forgave.

All MEL GIBSON wants to do is tell the TRUTH. Why not LISTEN for a Change. IF you DON'T want to see it. Don't that's your decision if you don't BELIEVE the LORD JESUS CHRIST DIED for YOU that's your problem!!

We as people will watch any other kind of crap or junk when it comes out, but when it's about God we seem to always through it away. REMEBER our COUNTRY (our for Fathers) Founded this Nation on GOD "Under God"

Bek, worcester, ma

I won't see it due to the violence. As to whether it is anti-Semitic, I do have my doubts about Gibson’s vision of the last hours of Jesus’ life, as related by James Carroll in today’s Globe, and other media reviews. To the extent that the film shows only the Jews who condemned Jesus, and fails to portray the Jews who supported him, then it can’t be anything but inaccurate, and in a more jaundiced view, biased. And would Gibson say I’m reading too much into the casting of Satan as a woman who is constantly in the camp of the Jews? If Mr. Gibson has these views, he should have the courage and the integrity to admit it. Instead, he seems to have produced a film which is anything but subtle in advancing his conservative religious and social tenants, but then labels those of us that get the point and disagree as ‘demented bigots’ who are ‘out to ‘persecute’ him.

Marianne, Stoughton

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