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'Passions of The Christ'

The controversial Mel Gibson movie is set for a theatrical release on Feb. 25. No one has seen it yet, but everyone seems to have strong feelings about this film.

What are your thoughts on the film? Will you see it? Will you boycott it? Maybe you think it's just a film, and all this hub-bub is unnecessary. Let us know.

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Why bother, It's in two dead langauges with subtitles and I know how it ends.

One thing I will say is, Abe Foxman should get a commission for the great sales job he has done for this movie.

Mike, Natick

It's only a movie people. Stop whining and complaining. If you don't like it, don't go and see it. We are raising a nation of wimps and cowards...suck it up and get on with life!!

Eric, Brighton

Yes I will see it despite the secular media's attempt to defame the picture - because it may be non-PC

pete , cambridge

All I want to know is what happened to everyone's focused energy on Janet Jackson's breast baring Super Bowl Stunt!!! Oh yeah that was last month's news...NEXT!!!

Brian, Dracut

Absolutely. "Passion" in a biblical context refers to they physical suffering of Jesus. This would be intersting to be exposed to, especially during Lent.

Do not look to learn anything new. The movie is never as good as the book.

kennedy, concord

I want to thank Mel Gibson for this movie..Heard great reviews about it..Looking forward to see it..

EC, Milford

Why are the Jews so afraid to let people see this film? Are they trying to hide something from the public? It's the first movie that's been made in a long time that wasn't made by a Jewish entity in Hollywood, so they aren't able to put their spin on it. I think people should see the film and judge for themselves.

If thou protest too much...

TC, Everett

I will not see it at the theatre, but will rent it instead. Sorry, but NO movie is worth $9.50...

Bill, Foxboro

I cannot imagine anyone willing to settle for presenting an opinion of a movie that he has not seen and does not plan to see. Every opportunity to experience something that has so many tongues wagging is an opportunity to be seized -- no matter what your feelings of the final product.

And - not all liberals are anti-Christiantiy! Where is THAT coming from?

Claire, Tilton NH

I wasn't going to see it but now that I have heard that this movie is a huge gorefest I probably will. It should be interesting.

Dal, Medford

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