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'Passions of The Christ'

The controversial Mel Gibson movie is set for a theatrical release on Feb. 25. No one has seen it yet, but everyone seems to have strong feelings about this film.

What are your thoughts on the film? Will you see it? Will you boycott it? Maybe you think it's just a film, and all this hub-bub is unnecessary. Let us know.

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can i just say that i'm a christian and have been in churches and among christians almost my entire life, and i have NEVER heard anyone say anything bad about the jewish race because of the crucifixion? historical fact is exactly that-- the people who crucified Christ were jewish. but the bible explicitly says that God's blessing is extended to the jews first, and then to the rest of the world, and that followers of Christ in every nation should be grieved that so many jews don't believe, but that sadness is because the jews are a people dearly beloved of God. but one day, evry tribe, tongue and nation shall gather before the throne of God, and every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

aL, cambridge

I will be seeing the film tonight and I'm looking forward to forming my own opinions - AFTER I'VE SEEN IT! I've heard a lot of people spouting off about what's wrong with this film before they've even viewed it.

Having said that, I was also very annoyed by the extremely negative articles in today's Globe which summarily dismiss Gibson's film because it doesn't match their own beliefs. I am a Christian, but do not share Mel Gibson's traditional faith. I do not take the Gospels literally as written, understanding that there is always context to such writings. Still, from everything I have heard, Gibson has presented this film as a love story, portraying the pain that Jesus endured out of love for mankind (especially his Jewish brothers). While I understand the apprehension surrounding Passion plays, I don't know that Gibson is the one who should be targeted here, but rather any cruel and ignorant person who persecutes Jewish people after seeing it. Do we turn our backs on other events in history because some people might take them the wrong way? Should we remove references to the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. from our cultural lexicon for fear that the white community will be persecuted for killing him? Of course not. That's ridiculous. Even if the Jewish people were responsible for Christ's death (and I am of the mind that most of the blame resides with the Roman authorities - if we need to start assigning blame), the point is that Jesus willed himself to be condemned. If he had been born in India, Indians would have been the ones to send him to his death. From what I've read, Gibson is concentrating on Christ's death because it is the most action-filled and visual period of Jesus' life and can be portrayed in a powerful and moving way. The responsibility to learn about Christ's teachings and his positive messages should fall to us. Gibson is giving us a window into the Gospel account and into his faith. It is up to everyone else to determine what they believe and dig deeper into what they find to be true. In an age of reality TV and Jessica Simpson, I for one thank Gibson for bringing an issue of substance forward for discussion.

Brian, Charlestown

I know that the Boston globe is bigoted an is anti-catholic and anti-christian. So of course your biased against it.

Ed, Burlington

I can't wait to see it -- the more controversial -- the more people will go flocking. With all this publicity it will earn Mel Gibson more money than he ever imagined.

Phyllis, Melrose

Yes I will see the passion! I think the critisim of the film is a very anti-christian. Would people boycot a movie about the holocaust because it might cause people to think badley of German's in this day and age? The story is really not about WHO killed Jesus ,its a story about WHY he died. According to the christian faith he died for all humanity ,he exchanged his life for ALL of us.

Donna, Newton

We all become Jesus if we give up our lives to save someone whether taking a bullet or donating a liver. Therefore Jesus is within all of us.

Sam, Lexington MA

yeah! preach, believers, and be visible! this movie is one tool in the hand of God to impress on us his passionate love for us.

i just can't wait until someone makes the easter movie... PRAISE HIM, HE'S ALIVE!

andrea, cambridge

I can't wait to see it! We should all be so brave as to give our lives so that the sins of others can be forgiven. It's not like we don't already know the story. Any practicing Catholic person has been schooled on the subject since First Communion. I thank God every day that he sacrificed his only son for me and others. I just wonder why the Jewish community is so afraid that the movie will cause any negative feelings towards their faith. Jesus taught us to forgive and love our enemy. Did he not?

Laura, Boston

its only a M.O.V.I.E. relax people.

blu, boston

If people think the violence in this movie is so bad..Think of it..growing up in a catholic elementry school in Providence, R.I. Each Easter we had to watch the "Passion" a film that showed awful sequences with great brutality.. Also, the Stations The Cross today show life like figures depecting the Passion.

Worry about food, peace and the envornment rather then a movie...

Jim , Needham

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