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'Passions of The Christ'

The controversial Mel Gibson movie is set for a theatrical release on Feb. 25. No one has seen it yet, but everyone seems to have strong feelings about this film.

What are your thoughts on the film? Will you see it? Will you boycott it? Maybe you think it's just a film, and all this hub-bub is unnecessary. Let us know.

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Overly sensitive writers of the Boston Globe, but particularly Mr. Carroll: take some time to read all of these responses on this message board. It may do you some good to know that most of your readers do not share your views.

It's bad enough that a man in history actually experienced such a torturous and painful death (and that someone actually stepped up to offer an as true-to-life depiction of it), but the real obscenity lies in the fact that some people today criticize and deny an interpretation of such an experience.

K, Hingham

I am a practicing Catholic and am very much looking forward too seeing the movie. All the people that talk about the film being anti-semetic and a negative portrayal of Jews is absolute non-sense. The brutal violence is necessary to show what Jesus Christ actually went through. Just like Mel Gibson said, "If you don't like it, Don't see it."

Bob , Lynnfield

I will definetly go and see the film. The Passion is not only the story of Jesus, The Risen Savior and Lord, but an amazing story of the ultimate sacrifice.

Mark, Lexington

Based on every review of this film that I have read so far, it seems that "The Passion" is as mindless as the vast majority of fundamentalists/born-agains who will likely buy into it. I would not be surprised to discover that this movie offers little if anything in the way of subtlety - thematically or visually speaking. Why? Because according to these people, the Bible is literally a word-for-word, 100 percent historically accurate account of what happened. This despite the incredibly layered literary depth the Bible's stories possess, if you actually open your mind and REALLY read what's there. In short, sounds like an unnecessarily blunt, overly simplistic waste of time as far as entertainment goes.

One last thing - how did Anti-Semitism ever come to be an issue in the context of Christ's death? Christ's suffering and death by crucifiction were the necessary origin and foundation of the Christian faith - if you're into the Christian thing, these events were absolutely REQUIRED to form the basis of the entire Christian religion/way of life - and were an equally necessary element of God's grand plan, if you will. Without it, there would be no Christianity, or the lessons of hope, faith, love, etc. that form its foundation.

That said, shouldn't those who helped implement this necessary element and fulfill the prophecy, so to speak, by facilitating Christ's death be **congratulated**? It is a logical conundrum, to say the least, to harbor animosity for those responsible for ushering in the most meaningful thing in your life! Of course, fundamentalists (and bigots) have never been huge students of mundane concepts like logic and common sense..... (see above).

Jon, Medford

I want to find out for myself what the big deal is about this. Everyone's got an opinion. I want to see for myself.

adam, andover

Not only will I not go see the passion of Christ, I'm done with all Mel Gibson movies.

Karen, Brookline

This is a beautiful and truthful story of the death of Jesus Christ. I am going to see the movie. This story tells of the son of God who gave his life up for the world. We all need to get back to the basics in life. This truly is a love story for mankind.

Catherine, Malden Mass

A life-long Catholic, I have never felt an anti-semitic bone in my body nor have I experienced any anti-Semitism I can remember. The only criticism I have ever heard of a Jewish person involved their alleged frugality. To be honest, I’ve always believed a quote a heard long ago, that if you, “scratch a Catholic, you’ll find a Jew.” Like most, I have not yet seen Mel Gibson’s new movie but I do look forward to my experience in the theater; I have not seen a movie in a theater in years.

Though I do hope to catch some glimpse, some evidence of what life may have been like for Jewish and Romans during Jesus’ time, the harsh treatment of Jesus will hardly invoke anti-semitic feelings for me. Any Christians who use Mel Gibson’s movie as a basis for bashing of Jewish people should rethink their justification. Christians and Jews alike should accept and recognize that our heritage comes from those who contributed to Jesus’ death; Christianity did not exist until after the death of Christ.

Those who have taken such extreme offense to the movie’s violence and the detailed bloodshed may be justified; it sounds like the movie is powerfully bloody and some people do not enjoy seeing such stuff. Those who find the movie as inaccurate to the teachings of the Bible may be correct since much is up for interpretation of some kind. Those who criticize the movie for dramatizing Jesus death above those of countless other Jews who died at the hands of the Romans obviously do not understand the intent of the story, to stress that a completely innocent man without ANY sin, allowed his own selfless murder so that our sins could be forgiven through his death. If you are self-centered enough to believe that this movie criticizes those of Jewish religion and heritage more than a Christian, I cannot understand your interpretation and I find it oddly ironic that people feel persecution while the persecutors do not even feel hatred.

If anti-Semitism exists, and I do believe it must (though I have not experienced any in my short life), this movie should not add any extra fuel to the fire. Anti-Semitism is hatred and hatred of any kind needs not a movie for justification because there is no justification for hatred of any kind. We should recognize this movie as it is, not a history of Jesus’ life or a Christian or Catholic doctrine but as a historical interpretation of the 12 hours leading up to Jesus’ death.

Jamie, Paxton

I notice a lot of posts here are basing their opinions on the "facts". Truth is, if you really believe that the accounts of this story as told, retold, revised, rewitten and now filmed by Mel Gibson are the absolute facts and that the accounts of the Bible and the writings of Matthew, Mark or Luke are unbiased and unquestionably true and solid fact, then I have a bridge to sell you......

Dan, Boston

Ovcourse I will see it, why not? People are whining already. Wahhhh, its to voilent, wahhhh, it portrays Jews bad, wahhhh. To hell with all of that. I want to see it, and if its actually how it really happened? Then it will be worth it. But the only question I have is without ever being there, or knowing anybody who was, there is know real way to tell, if that really happened. I dont care what some book says. I don't care what some priest says, it never said in the bible that a preist in some Church building is the way things are with the Catholic religion.

Todd, Wilmington, MA

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